Saturday, August 31, 2013

26 August 2013

   Thank you for the update and the pictures- they are sooo fun! I have a confession though I did not read it in detail because I know I will get trunky. Not trunky... but the recovery is harder for me. Oh and to add to the sugar on the cake they celebrate Christmas here starting in September..... soooooo.... I get lots of time to think about how my family will be having Christmas without me. Its ok... I am sooo happy you had such a wonderful time. I am glad you all got Jess surprised too, hahah, I am so proud of you all. How I love you. You all look soooo fantastic!!! AHh I love you all!\
   Ok, I am actually at a members house right now because all of the internet shops are out so I have less time than ever to write this. It will be shorter.. I apologize.
   Soo this week I experienced my first earthquake. haha. It was weird because part of me was like "WOW this is the coolest thing ever! I'm studying the scriptures in the middle of an EQ and the other half of me was like... WAIT I COULD DIE!! hahaha, so I ran downstairs but don't worry it wasn't a big one. No after shock. Just a little excitement.
   I taught FHE all by myself for the first time in Waray... yea it was short but progress is progress right? lol Oh om guess what.... Burping is A O K here! ahahha So expect me to come back just the same in the account. hahaha
   We had zone interviews this week. So the president and I had a little chat. The language barrier made it hard to connect but I appreciated his counsel. He had me replace priesthood with spirit in Doctrine and Cov. 121. ... sorry I don't have time to explain further... but the gist was just that I cant expect to have my power and authority now. These things take time. Time time time! Why is that always the answer? lol Its ok, I will wait and work and pray! Sister Andaya said I am healthy so that's good to know too. at least that is my blood pressure is good.
   COOK FAMILY!!! I got your package! Thank you so much! It was a totally unexpected surprise but it made my week. I'm sorry it is sooo expensive! But I appreciate it! The chocolate and beef jerky especially--- perfect!! You all are wonderful! Thank you for the words of wisdom and support as well. You are so kind!! I love you all very much!
   Josh Erickson congratulations on your wedding!! I'm so happy for you!
Rebekah! I did send your letter off -- but its going to take (here it is again) Time. (=
Love you!
   OK I just want to share one experience... I am sorry I really do not have time other wise I would give more details. But this week we went to go visit a LA family and ended up just being one of the daughters. We were going to teach the atonement and right as we were starting the neighbor (and owner of LA's house_ blasted "SO Call Me Maybe" so AKA our LA would be distracted the whole time and the spirit could not be there. I knew that for sure. I brought this up to my companion and the member with us but no one was willing to say anything. So I stood up and walked over and .. I honestly I have NO idea what I said to her to ask her kindly to turn off the music, but she did. I was scared, haha, but I knew it needed to be done. We continued with the lesson and the spirit was super strong and tears were flowing. I know that could not have happened if we had let the music just play. I know that the spirit is real and it is very sensitive. I know that as we take time to ponder (not just study, not just read) the scriptures we gain more revelation in our lives. I love this gospel!! I'm sorry this is short but I must go, I love you all and am so glad you are all safe and well! Please stay that way! You are wonderful! I pray for you all!!\
   All My Love,
   Sister Sarah Ralph

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