Tuesday, August 26, 2014

24 August 2014 -- Missionary life in Pictures

I will tell you about the week but I am trying to get pictures out. Week was good. Still sick but "girl things" are making me weak and BLAH!
   I lost all my pictures from before but I have a few pictures this week...I bought a new SD card
I'm SO HAPPY and SO STRESSED AND HORMONAL!!! I just want to talk to you. ..
This is a picture of me breaking the rule of holding children but keeping the rule of service, haha. Sorry but this tiny little pregnant lady crossed the river carrying her child and was going to cross back to pick up her 2nd child... there was no way I was just going to watch her struggle... I picked up her kid and brought him across the river. I love the Philippines.
This is me with the kids in the ward that I LOVE! We play basketball sometimes. 
You will notice the lack of shoes on my feet. Welcome to the Philippines (=  
This is what happened after the farewell party for one of our members.
I brought the cupcakes and they LOVED IT!
Elder P got me so good right after this picture.
Yummy but sooo messy!
I had NO intention of smashing cupcakes...
 they were delicious. But elder got me soooo good that it just started a 
huge food fight and we all got nastied.  

This week was lots of meetings. We had zone conference and so President Maurer came and spoke to us. He asked me to give a talk on PMG (Preach My Gospel) and the theme of the meeting was the Book or Mormon. I was not worried because this talk was in English... I can handle that, haha. But so many blessings came from this experience. I just really wanted to express to the missionaries how much I LOVE the Book of Mormon and how it has, through my mission, become the rock of my life and it means the world to me. I did my best to express that to them in other words. That night while my companion and I were getting ready for bed I just was following up with her, asking her how she felt, how her mission is going up to this point etc. and she just BAWLED and cried an cried.... I was so nervous. I didn't know if I had done something wrong or if I had missed something or what. She went on to explain to me that she had never read the entire Book of Mormon but when I gave my talk earlier in the day she could see how I was so sincere and how it is part of who I am and I loved it so much. She cried and said she had never felt that way and hated that so much. She wanted to feel the same way about the Book of Mormon that I do. I did not know what to say... the only thing that came to my mind was ...I remembered. I remembered how before we were companions I fasted. I had fasted and prayed so very strongly that I would be able to be a blessing to my companion and that we would have a successful companionship full of love. I know that my prayers and fasting were answered. We are learning so much from each other and inspiring each other. I love My Heavenly Father. He is sooo soo good to me.
This other picture when I am on the floor is a mini MTC we threw that I ended up pretty much being in charge of but didn't know until 20 minutes after it started. YES! Love my life!
Mom look at how nasty long my hair is...
I need to cut it but I'm soooo scared to do it here hahaha.
That's terrible to say but I really am. 
 Mom, you are waiting for
me to get home to cut your hair, haha, that's so funny.
  Panciano, our recent convert (RC) attended the mini MTC which really helped me realize HOW IMPORTANT it is that we as missionaries LISTEN. PMG is soo right... and Elder Bednar and well all of them I guess... listening is more important than talking. We have to LISTEN to our companion, to our investigators and to the spirit. Missionary work mechanics-wise is not that hard... but these parts of the work.... "listening" ......takes work. It takes your heart. We are helping them get into missionary work. They are big into sending missionaries out into the field, but they're just starting the work of fellow-shipping and member missionary work. 

   WE WORKED SO, SO, SO HARD THIS WEEK! I'm exhausted.... this month it finally hit in why missionaries come home and sleep. I never understood... now I do. Despite all the meetings we tried so hard to get to everyone and teach and I know we made lots of mistakes and balls were dropped but we did EVERYTHING we could all day every day and then some more. God is so good. We had 16 investigators come to church!!! 16!!!! We were sooooo happy!!!! We filled the back of the chapel with new faces and the members are finally seeing and helping and fellow-shipping and ahhh!! We are soooo so happy! Honestly I don't know if I could be any happier. I just feel like flying all the time! I'M DEAD physically but spiritually God is just Giving us wings! I love being a missionary!! I've never been so happy in my life!
   Thank you for sharing Benjamin's reaction to our number of investigators. I feel soooo spoiled that is for sure. Thank you Benjamin... hahaha. WE ARE RALPHS!! haha. I love it. Mini MTC we just had the youth and YSA come and experience teaching etc ... it was fun! 
  Ok so guess what!! THE RAFAEL FAMILY!! They got MARRIED!!! WITHOUT TELLING US!!! I was sooooo sooo UPSET! Bishop told us at a meeting and I freaked out! WHAT! My favorite family just GOT MARRIED And didn't tell me! ah! SO RUDE!! BASTA we are sooo happy, they had their interviews and will be baptized this Saturday with Sister Nildie!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! They are amazing!! 
    No cough just a runny nose (yucks) every once in a while. I'm doing much better. Mom I hope you know I am planning on leaving most my clothes and things here - just so you know. Yes I would LOVE a doctor's appointment when I get home. I keep getting these random things that make me nervous...

This is outside the chapel we did posses with our umbrellas
to celebrate that the rain stopped so people
could come to the activities.... when it rains here people stay home. 
    Yes we killed another rat in our apt this week... it was rough because the Elders were not being as Christ-like as before so we had to listen to it moving around while we ate and studied until it died in our cabinet. Last time they came over and killed it... I lost the picture. But this time we caught it in a cabinet and shut the door tight so he could not get out. Pretty sure we scared him to death though because it was not that long and he was moving around like crazy in there with plastic bags so we could hear EVERYTHING!

They love their pictures taken.
I took a bunch of her first then she wanted one of me.
 I took that from her camera and gave it back
already but this is Panciano posing , he is
our RC that went less active and is now coming
back and preparing for his mission.

    Haha, Everyone around me counts for me with mine time to go home, so it's hard not to think about it... not all the time just when we are at the apartment and I'm cooking or doing Laba or something that does not need much thought. I'm safe mom... other than the rats and snails in our apt, haha.

    I tore through my shoes again and so I had them sewed again haha there is NO way I'm buying new shoes. So these will work. I will sew them until there is nothing to sew. 
This is a Filipino game the kids always play but apparently Sister Besiera has many hidden talents, hahahaha.
   Love you more Mom!! Thank you for being my mom! You mean the world to me! Give Dad a kiss for me and tell him I love him! Benjamin and Beka and Samuel too-- hugs will work for them, haha. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!
   "Ice Bucket Challenge???" ALS is part of what I study in speech therapy! Its so fascinating huh? I'm confused where this ice bath thing happened? And how do you not get bathed in ice?
   YOU be safe huh? How many accidents have you had since I left?? Yeahhhh...
Those pigs are still alive for a little bit longer.

Take care!
Love, Sister Ralph

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

17 August 2014 - Rats and Rain but mostly Blessings

MOM!! You sold Bat-mobile?? NOO!!! haha, my love is gone from me. I feel so lost without him. haha. Thanks, Dad, for the visual I wish I could show you what I experienced this week but there is no card reader so I can't send pictures this week.
     Mom! I'm never bored of your emails. I love the details. I forget what it is like there... life before is kind of like a dream these days so... little flash backs are fun. I'm glad the reunion was a success!
     Life is great here! My leg is looking good, just got a little hole in my leg from where the scab fell off this morning and its red but I finished my pills so life is good. The companion is awesome! I love her to death and investigators are coming along. I apologize I don't have a ton to write this week.
    Ok well let me try and tell you a little about what happened this week. Last P-day after emailing there was ANOTHER rat in our house... so Liz I KNOW how you feel. Except this one was VERY alive! He was under our sink and we ended up trapping it in the CR (bathroom) and you would not believe how much screaming was going on with 4 girls ALL who HATE rats. We begged and cried for the Elders to come kill the rat- ITS PART OF THEIR PRIESTHOOD RESPONSIBILITY!! Haha! After much, much begging they came with a machete ,... however you spell that it's called a sundang here, a big old knife, haha. We had a bed mattress against the door so the rat could not go out and we sisters stared at the CR to make sure it would stay there until the elders came. The elders came and it was gone!! I was sooooo MAD! I was watching so closely the ENTIRE time!! They were getting ready to leave and I looked into the CR and having taken many baths there I looked closely and under the sink I saw.... an extra pipe... I did not recognize... the end was not going towards anything. I knelt down and looked up and YEA>>>DEFINITELY NOT A PIPE! That stinker is sooo smart! I screamed and the Elders put the sundang to good use. YUCK!
     Well besides the rat we have really been enjoying our time together- Sister Besiera and I. Yes, she is no longer scared of me because I am white. She cries when she talks about me going home hahaha. Oh women! I love her so much! She is trying to practice her English so when we are walking along the streets she talks a lot to the rats and dogs, haha. It's hilarious. She makes me laugh all the time. She has helped me see things in a new light. At the beginning of my mission I got an email from an old friend who served in the Philippines and he told me to LOVE the people and to be good to them. I reflected over and over again on what he said and how I could really do that. And I was frustrated for a while because I was not sure how I could express my love to them, etc. But now that I'm with Sister Besiera and its her first time with a foreigner she always points out how I make the people so happy. I love saying "Hi" and smiling at people and the people always smile and laugh when I give them even a split second of my attention through a smile. She helped me see that just through the simple smiles and waves and talking to people everywhere that they feel my love and they want to get to know me. So I am so grateful so my companion who helps me see the good.
   Soooo I am turning PINAY! aka Filipino. They DO NOT go outside in the rain without something covering their head.,.. mostly they just don't go out. Well this week it poured again and I spent another day soaking wet and YET AGAIN... just like 2 weeks ago, I got sick. I am coughing and sneezing and dripping nasty all over the place. SO if you ever serve in the Philippines... BELIEVE them and cover your head and don't fall into the rivers hahaha, or you will get sick. Yes mom, I'm sick again, hahaha.
     Mom, it's the work of the Lord. I'm doing my best to take care of myself but not at the extent of not working.
     I have some really fun pictures that I will have to send next week of a farewell party we had for a departing missionary. It got a little messy! I LOVE ORMOC so much!!! I love my ward and the people I serve with, the ward the leaders, I don't know why God felt the need to spoil me right before I go home.
     Mom I just got a virus on my card.... I can't send any pictures. I don't know what to do. My card has a virus... I lost everything )= I don't know what I should do. I just put in the card to the reader and it popped up with these Chinese symbols and I can't get to my pictures. Ah! We are trying to do some codes to get pictures but it's not working. We are at an internet cafe. I'm working on it but they have to find a card reader.
     So while that guy is working on my card reader let me tell you about yesterday. I LOVE SUNDAY SOO MUCH! SO MUCH! We had 11 investigators at church-8 of which is was there first time coming, 2 second time and 1 long going now. WOW!!! WE WERE OVER THRILLED!!! We have been working so hard and praying even harder for our investigators and FINALLY they are exercising their faith. In Luna we teach 6 Brothers and they are amazing. The lesson on Saturday was about Repentance and they ate it up. You should have seen the way they were eating up the Book of Mormon and asking questions and really considering how to apply the steps of repentance. it was the first time they considered repentance as more than asking God for forgiveness and the spirit was blazing! Each of them commented on how they felt and how they needed to come to church! AND THEY DID! They come in dressed in white t-shirts and jeans ...the most beautiful sight in the world. AHH! I seriously still want to cry with how happy I am! Missionary work really is the best- the most satisfying work on the planet. I know all of our success is because of our Father in Heaven. He is so willing to answer our prayers as we put everything on the altar of sacrifice- fears, pride, disobedience, EVERYTHING! I love being a missionary!
     Mom, It looks like the guy can't fix it. So I will have to figure out what to do about pictures. I have to go though. Thank you for the email. Sorry mine was so small. I'm trying )= I love you so so so much! Thank you for always wanting to be there for me and for being a rock in my life. I love you! Love you, DAD!!!! Thanks for the Help!!

Sister Ralph

WOW!!!!! LOOK AT EVERYONE!!! That is amazing! Everyone is SOOOOOOO different looking!! This is killing me! WOW!! I'm freaking out here. Wow. YOU KNOW MICHAEL??? How did you meet him? SERIOUSLY!!!?????? Does MICHAEL KNOW THAT'S MY FAMILY???? I LOVE MICHAEL SOOOOO SOOO SOOOOO MUCH! He is a genius! Did you not talk to him about me? Sad! No he was my neighbor when I was in Monticello. He is amazing! He is so sweet to me- we played basketball in the pool and he helped me with my stats HW. Every time I would see him we would run at each other and give each other huge hugs. I love him sooo much! He is in the law program at BYU. he is soo smart! He talks funny right? Yea, he gets easier to understand the more you talk to him for sure. He is the best! YES! He is adorable! OH, that makes me sooo happy! He deserves the best! I'm so excited to see him again! PHEW So how are you? That picture looks so fun! Did you by chance get me one of those cool blue shirts too for when I come home? (=

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 August 2014 -- Beautiful experiences (and a bite).

Alright here I go. This is a picture of my district and a few other elders in our zone. We were celebrating Elder Paleo's birthday- this was the one of the few good cakes I have had in the Philippines.
This is the Birthday of the bishop's son.
I love this family. I love my ward soo soo so much!

Ok so let's begin with last Monday- slightly crazy. We taught a lesson to Rosemarie and the Rojas family and while we were teaching their little boy looked out the front door and without me seeing at the time pee'd in my shoe. haha. So walking home in my soaking soak and shoe was the best! I tried to wash it out when I got home, but when we woke up the next day it was covered in mold and downstairs smelt TERRIBLE. so I went crazy washing it out and let the sun finish the job. The same night I found this wound on my leg....
     This tiny little wound took ME OUT! It started out and just what looked like a bug bite or something, but it was super red and by Monday night it was PUSSING infection everywhere. It was nasty. It was like that the next day and the pain increased. The next day I could barely walk. The picture is the beginning stage and it just SUPER dark read and spread over my leg like 4 inches in. The redness I mean spread 4 inches across and there was hard shaped line of red growing up my leg. If I didn't move my leg and then would start moving it would KILL.. . I had to gimp around and I wanted to cut off my leg. We tried cleaning it with alcohol but I could not feel the alcohol at all and my foot SWELLED up like crazy. it was so bad.
Bug Bite beginning of an infection.
But we just kept working. There was NO way we were not working. When I got back one night I decided to text the mission president's wife about it and she told me to go to the doctor. So at like 10:45 at night we walked to the doctors until a driver took pity on us. They told us they were not seeing anyone other than those they would admit. BUT.... I'm Amerikan.... soooo.... it's different. I walked in and the doctor sat me down right in the front entry way and took one look at my leg and prescribed me 2000 pesos worth of pills. I got the pills and I can walk just fine. This morning it looks so much more dry and its black rather than pussing and red. It's still red and I'm still swollen but it only hurts if you push on or around the wound. So I am SUPER Happy! That's my story hahaha. I will finish the prescription mom,,,, there is no way I'm risking feeling like that again.
    We don't think it's a bug bite. If anything creature-wise, it was a cockroach bite. Its 3 inches above my ankle

Me and my companion are having such a good time together. I love her to death. She makes me laugh and we are opposites and complement each other in so many ways. She is a skater girl and is good at softening things. I'm the "give-me-dirt-and-a-ball-type-of-girl" and I will tell you how it is- girl. It works like a glove.
This is my companion again with me.
We are getting along great and things are moving along smooth- Sister Besiera.
     We have had some beautiful experiences this week. We were working out in Luna- kind of out in the bukid or out of city type area and we saw a lady struggling to carry her bags (typical missionary opportunity scene) we grabbed tight to our bags and RAN to her. She said she was fine but I grabbed the bags from her-- there was NO way we were missing this opportunity. We were able to share a message with her and have a return appointment. She is open minded and wants to learn. YES! We decided (to follow the spirit) and continue walking down the round. There were lots of BIG aka rich houses and we are supposed to be finding professionals to establish the church and so we opened our mouths and were able to share the gospel with a few more people including the Romeo family. They were interested in the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it and learn what this was ( it was just the father and his two kids). They said we could come back.
     We went back yesterday and this time the wife was there and another child with the dad. The mother was obviously VERY different from her husband. She was FRANK (like me (= )and asked us what we wanted and that they were catholic and that her husband was a pastor and is going back to being a pastor...
     She was upset because we do not worship Mary only her son. We listened and then I politely asked if we could share with her and her family. She said ok. She and her husband had read a little bit since our last appt from the Book of Mormon and Sister said it's about Christ but that is the Mormon way and we have our Catholic way... etc., etc., etc.... Being with my companion for a week now and knowing she does not like intensity... I knew she was freaking out inside. Sister Besiera talked about how we respect their religion and how we are here to share and invite etc. We read from the introduction of the Book of Mormon to help sister see real quickly exactly what the Book of Mormon is but she was very Stuck on the idea that it was for the Mormons and that's just fine for Mormons. At this point I'm totally calm but I can feel the buildup, the spirit Is THE BEST! I KNOW without a doubt that if the spirit had not been with us I would have BLOWN Up at this lady. So stuck in her "I was born and will die Catholic" ways. I stopped and looked her in the eyes and testified with love and BOLDNESS - I asked her if she knew where the Book of Mormon came from- of course she said she had no idea. I said that's exactly right, you don't know. Please do not salikway or reject something you have no idea what it is or where it came from. I bore testimony to her of the Book of Mormon and because of her sternness with having faith in Jesus Christ the spirit guided me to 2 Nephi 33 about if you believe in Christ you will believe these words. The spirit was strong and Firm and I know they felt it. There was no contention,.. there was LOVE through Boldness. Sister will take some time to understand and see, but they were open to letting us come back and share. I really believe that as missionaries we have to be Bold. We are not ashamed of the gospel. Our message is one of truth and we have to be clear and powerful! I love the spirit so much! That lesson would not have existed without the spirit. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!
     We have a couple of new investigators this week. Niko- he is a 14 year old boy that screamed 'sisters sisters!!" while we were walking on the street. Then when we finally came up to him he went all shy but we taught him and he has such a sweet humble spirit about him AND he came to church all by himself. I love him so much! We are going to set a baptismal date for him!
     Our investigators the Rafael Family they will hopefully get married this or next week!!! SOO EXCITED! They are reading now in Jacob 5 -- isn't that amazing!! Well brother asked me to explain the parable in Jacob 5---- OH BOY... did I struggle. English is hard enough but in Cebuano.... PhhheewwwwPH! If anyone has any ideas on how to clearly and SIMPLY SUPER SIMPLY explain that parable to someone who has no idea what Israelites or gentiles is.... I would love you forever.
     We are also having lots of "fun" teaching Rosemarie and the Rojas family. Rosemarie is the not-yet wife of a member. She wants to be baptized, but she needs to be married first. They have two kids and her man, the member is just ..... AHH!! Let's just say we had to whip out some Alma 42- "do not excuse yourself in the least bit" etc. to help him see that living with a woman after your baptism without marriage is a sin and drinking is "No" ok.... he still thinks he is worthy and going to celestial kingdom with all these problems... ANY WAY... we got some work to do to help this family figure out HOW to live the gospel and then do so. At the same time we are teaching his brother and want-to-be wife who also have a little boy. Brother had been drunk 2 of the last 3 times we have showed up though. It's just LOTS and LOTS of challenges but they want to learn and listen. We are enjoying being a part of their process in coming to learn and live the truth. I love missionary work so much!
Look at Arnold Swatzenager... Philippino style.... CRAZY look-a-like huh? We are trying to teach him, he is a part member, but he is not super excited about the thought. We have not taught Brother Arnold.... we just are trying to convince him because his wife is a member. His time will come. 

     I LOVE the challenges! I really do study and think and pray about our investigators like I've never done before. I LOVE it SO MUCH! I love the people here like crazy.
     Hahaha Mom, you are the best cook in the world! I am going to watch your every move when I get back! I love you so much! Is there anything else you need before I head out?  Thanks mom! "You light up my life!!" I'm excited to tell you in person how much you mean to me and how your example has impacted the people here in the Philippines. I love you to death-- but that's just an expression... I love you MUCH MUCH longer!! (= Forever! I will repent for the lack of pictures... sorry no more.
Sending all my Love,
Sister Ralph

3 August 2014 -- The Book of Mormon is my Strength

And THIS.... is my third Child (anak). Her name is Sister Besiera and she is from Davao which means she is cebuano speaking!! WOOT WOOT! Im so spoiled! She is 24 years old and the 7th of 8 kids.
Wow, grandpa and grandma are so sweet. Please tell them I love them so much! Are you exhausted, it seems like you all are always having a blast with family! So is the reunion over or not yet started?
Exciting! It's slightly ridiculous how much work that duplex requires. But I'm glad you have family bonding time. So are Liz and Austin still in Utah or?? How are you feeling? How are the kids? Did you leave Benjamin at home or is he with you?
Mom does this shirt look familiar?? We were shopping at a ukay ukay and my companion pulled this out and said Look Its sooo cute!... HAHAHHA I DIED of laughter..... hahahahahhahahahahah MY MOM HAS THAT SHIRT HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry mom, I didn't buy it. But if you really want I'm SURE I still can... only special people wear shirts like that, hahahahaha.

No mom, I am quite content with these shoes...
I'm determined to make them last 3 more months.
This is my shoe before I had an angel sew it up (=  

Alright so let me share a little bit with what happened this week. We went back to the Demeterio family- this was the super poor family with the triplets. The eldest is 5 months pregnant and she was in A LOT of pain when we showed up. She was moaning and crying and I talked to her and tried to help but I have no idea what the problem is. We called the zone leaders and they came and were able to give her a blessing. It was beautiful and full of faith. They were DRIPPING sweat when the blessing was over. We still need to go back and see how she is doing.
   We have had lots of little BEAUTIFUL miracles this week, and it's been an adventure getting to know my companion. She is great! The first two days we were together she cried and cried and cried.... really really hard. And I talked to her and the reason she was crying is because ONE she said she is a mommy's baby and this is her first time being independent- of course it's a hard transition but the biggest reason she cried is because of me. She is from Davao.... that part of the Philippines there are no foreigners and her biggest fear is being put with a foreigner.... and WALA! She got me. So it's weird because I'm the problem but we love each other at the same time and everything is going well... she just has to adjust to the white skin, haha. She is wonderful though and it's going to be so good having her as my companion- we will really be able to focus on our investigators.
This is the son of one of our investigators.
He fell asleep while we were teaching (=
   Ok so let me tell you about some of our investigators and things that have happened this week. The Quijano family is coming along slowly. They did not come to church because baby had a fever and her husband broke out in rashes and a fever and is itchy everywhere. They have read a little from the Book of Mormon and they just have a really hopeful spirit about them. They opened up to us about they are worried that if they come to church then their neighbors will "talk" and so we are working on helping them build their faith to face that trial- we are so excited for them to make these small steps toward making covenants with God.
   Another good news is the Rafael family! They are doing sooo good! They got their marriage papers worked out and are just waiting to be assigned a date that they can get married and then BAPTIZED! You should see how excited brother is.... he can't wait! They are already reading in the Book of Jacob and yesterday he asked me who are the covenant people? WOW! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Missionary work is just the best!
   So another one of our investigators is Sister Nildie...sister of Brother Rafael- she is AMAZING! Seriously she just has the most clear understanding of the restoration and the Book of Mormon and she is just so spiritual! She CAME to church yesterday and was INTENSELY listening to every single testimony. She makes me soo happy! Brother Panciano is finally now returning and he bore his testimony yesterday and got interviewed for a calling and preparing for his mission! AHH! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me! We had so many people work with us! This picture is the Tunada family. The gospel has completely changed this family. Brother used to be very violent and a drunk and it was just an ugly situation. The missionaries found him and He changed everything about his life! He now is the sweetest man ever, he has incredible faith, brings his family to church, reads the scriptures, provides, is so gentle with his kids and is going to work with us missionaries next Sunday! The Gospel sometimes seems like a fairy tale but it's not. It's simply God's plan of happiness for us. It's simple, not easy. But perfectly real and rewarding! How I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. The members were so excited to work with us and it just ah!... It feels like home. I love these people so, so much! I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven. He is just so good to me. I can barely keep all these blessings under control.
   I have recently started over again in reading the Book of Mormon and ... honestly I just can't describe how much I love the Book of Mormon. Honestly I think my love and commitment to the Book of Mormon has been the biggest thing that has changed from my mission, for me personally. Like everyone else I have days where I know that Satan wants me, days when I just don't want to smile, I just want to eat chocolate and be alone, days when I feel unloved and just angry for no reason.... The worst is days when I get those thoughts in my head.... really? I believe in God? A personage who knows me better than I know myself? Someone who loves me perfectly? There is a God who supports me in all my trials and is perfectly patient with my weaknesses and faults? Sometimes I feel those things... But every single time.... I go back to the Book of Mormon. I am beginning to understand. Beginning to see ... the Book of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion. It is everything to me. I feel the power of this sacred record. I read a talk recently that said eventually we will have to do more than tell the stories of the Book of Mormon,.... we will have to live them. I am a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
   The Book of Mormon is my strength. It gives me the courage to continue and to become more than I am. How I love the Book of Mormon.
   Yep, I've been chatting with Benjamin a little- give Beka a hug for me! Cge... you all are going to want to chat it up. I will let you go at it! HAPPY FAMILY! We are so so blessed! I love you all!
   Sister Ralph