Tuesday, August 19, 2014

17 August 2014 - Rats and Rain but mostly Blessings

MOM!! You sold Bat-mobile?? NOO!!! haha, my love is gone from me. I feel so lost without him. haha. Thanks, Dad, for the visual I wish I could show you what I experienced this week but there is no card reader so I can't send pictures this week.
     Mom! I'm never bored of your emails. I love the details. I forget what it is like there... life before is kind of like a dream these days so... little flash backs are fun. I'm glad the reunion was a success!
     Life is great here! My leg is looking good, just got a little hole in my leg from where the scab fell off this morning and its red but I finished my pills so life is good. The companion is awesome! I love her to death and investigators are coming along. I apologize I don't have a ton to write this week.
    Ok well let me try and tell you a little about what happened this week. Last P-day after emailing there was ANOTHER rat in our house... so Liz I KNOW how you feel. Except this one was VERY alive! He was under our sink and we ended up trapping it in the CR (bathroom) and you would not believe how much screaming was going on with 4 girls ALL who HATE rats. We begged and cried for the Elders to come kill the rat- ITS PART OF THEIR PRIESTHOOD RESPONSIBILITY!! Haha! After much, much begging they came with a machete ,... however you spell that it's called a sundang here, a big old knife, haha. We had a bed mattress against the door so the rat could not go out and we sisters stared at the CR to make sure it would stay there until the elders came. The elders came and it was gone!! I was sooooo MAD! I was watching so closely the ENTIRE time!! They were getting ready to leave and I looked into the CR and having taken many baths there I looked closely and under the sink I saw.... an extra pipe... I did not recognize... the end was not going towards anything. I knelt down and looked up and YEA>>>DEFINITELY NOT A PIPE! That stinker is sooo smart! I screamed and the Elders put the sundang to good use. YUCK!
     Well besides the rat we have really been enjoying our time together- Sister Besiera and I. Yes, she is no longer scared of me because I am white. She cries when she talks about me going home hahaha. Oh women! I love her so much! She is trying to practice her English so when we are walking along the streets she talks a lot to the rats and dogs, haha. It's hilarious. She makes me laugh all the time. She has helped me see things in a new light. At the beginning of my mission I got an email from an old friend who served in the Philippines and he told me to LOVE the people and to be good to them. I reflected over and over again on what he said and how I could really do that. And I was frustrated for a while because I was not sure how I could express my love to them, etc. But now that I'm with Sister Besiera and its her first time with a foreigner she always points out how I make the people so happy. I love saying "Hi" and smiling at people and the people always smile and laugh when I give them even a split second of my attention through a smile. She helped me see that just through the simple smiles and waves and talking to people everywhere that they feel my love and they want to get to know me. So I am so grateful so my companion who helps me see the good.
   Soooo I am turning PINAY! aka Filipino. They DO NOT go outside in the rain without something covering their head.,.. mostly they just don't go out. Well this week it poured again and I spent another day soaking wet and YET AGAIN... just like 2 weeks ago, I got sick. I am coughing and sneezing and dripping nasty all over the place. SO if you ever serve in the Philippines... BELIEVE them and cover your head and don't fall into the rivers hahaha, or you will get sick. Yes mom, I'm sick again, hahaha.
     Mom, it's the work of the Lord. I'm doing my best to take care of myself but not at the extent of not working.
     I have some really fun pictures that I will have to send next week of a farewell party we had for a departing missionary. It got a little messy! I LOVE ORMOC so much!!! I love my ward and the people I serve with, the ward the leaders, I don't know why God felt the need to spoil me right before I go home.
     Mom I just got a virus on my card.... I can't send any pictures. I don't know what to do. My card has a virus... I lost everything )= I don't know what I should do. I just put in the card to the reader and it popped up with these Chinese symbols and I can't get to my pictures. Ah! We are trying to do some codes to get pictures but it's not working. We are at an internet cafe. I'm working on it but they have to find a card reader.
     So while that guy is working on my card reader let me tell you about yesterday. I LOVE SUNDAY SOO MUCH! SO MUCH! We had 11 investigators at church-8 of which is was there first time coming, 2 second time and 1 long going now. WOW!!! WE WERE OVER THRILLED!!! We have been working so hard and praying even harder for our investigators and FINALLY they are exercising their faith. In Luna we teach 6 Brothers and they are amazing. The lesson on Saturday was about Repentance and they ate it up. You should have seen the way they were eating up the Book of Mormon and asking questions and really considering how to apply the steps of repentance. it was the first time they considered repentance as more than asking God for forgiveness and the spirit was blazing! Each of them commented on how they felt and how they needed to come to church! AND THEY DID! They come in dressed in white t-shirts and jeans ...the most beautiful sight in the world. AHH! I seriously still want to cry with how happy I am! Missionary work really is the best- the most satisfying work on the planet. I know all of our success is because of our Father in Heaven. He is so willing to answer our prayers as we put everything on the altar of sacrifice- fears, pride, disobedience, EVERYTHING! I love being a missionary!
     Mom, It looks like the guy can't fix it. So I will have to figure out what to do about pictures. I have to go though. Thank you for the email. Sorry mine was so small. I'm trying )= I love you so so so much! Thank you for always wanting to be there for me and for being a rock in my life. I love you! Love you, DAD!!!! Thanks for the Help!!

Sister Ralph

WOW!!!!! LOOK AT EVERYONE!!! That is amazing! Everyone is SOOOOOOO different looking!! This is killing me! WOW!! I'm freaking out here. Wow. YOU KNOW MICHAEL??? How did you meet him? SERIOUSLY!!!?????? Does MICHAEL KNOW THAT'S MY FAMILY???? I LOVE MICHAEL SOOOOO SOOO SOOOOO MUCH! He is a genius! Did you not talk to him about me? Sad! No he was my neighbor when I was in Monticello. He is amazing! He is so sweet to me- we played basketball in the pool and he helped me with my stats HW. Every time I would see him we would run at each other and give each other huge hugs. I love him sooo much! He is in the law program at BYU. he is soo smart! He talks funny right? Yea, he gets easier to understand the more you talk to him for sure. He is the best! YES! He is adorable! OH, that makes me sooo happy! He deserves the best! I'm so excited to see him again! PHEW So how are you? That picture looks so fun! Did you by chance get me one of those cool blue shirts too for when I come home? (=

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