Monday, August 5, 2013

4 August 2013

Ok Family Here is another week!
    Sooo. I highly underestimated the rain here when I bought my Wally World umbrella. It is now completely destroyed and I will be purchasing another right after this email, haha. The rain dumps like crazy here!! It's kind of hard to explain. This week was not super eventful. But I am learning to cook! It's rice with every single meal, haha. It's a Pilipino thing. But really...I am cooking... it's so weird but vegetables like eggplant... Me... Sister Ralph. I am cooking.
   We are still house hunting with very little success. Oh, so this Wednesday we had a dinner appointment with members and it went kind of late because we showed up late and the lesson was really good. So we ended up leaving their house at 9:00PM. In my area normally we go home at 7PM because it's dark by 6:30 and not safe and our house is around 3 miles away. So at this point there are no sakay (rides). Sooo we begin to walk. Two sisters with one flashlight, its dark and we have a long way to go, haha. After a few minutes the members we had dinner with showed up on a scooter and followed behind us walking till the cross way by the church (about 1/4 mile) and then they had to go back. So Sister Cruz and I just started singing Christmas songs and walking. I had to hold her tight because she was scared and super upset about how late it was. I said "It's ok Sister, It's an adventure!!" So we walked and walked.... until ... hahahaha we looked ahead of us and there was this big ole group of dogs barking like crazy at us. We looked back and there were dogs behind us. Ok... so at this point my heart started racing super fast. No one was in sight and we did not buy a load (for the phone) so we could not call or text anyone. I pulled Sister Cruz over to a street lamp and said we were just going to keep walking AFTER we prayed. We began to bow our heads when a motorcycle came out of nowhere and we decided on the fly to wave it down (could have been bad but we were desperate), haha. He stopped and we begged him to take us home. It turns out that his uncle is the Bishop in the Catarman 1st ward, haha. MIRACLE!!! Wow we were so blessed! Heavenly Father is watching out for us....
   SO THEN... we get inside our house and are winding down when there is this weird scratching on the kitchen window. Then something or someone was hitting the window. I still have no idea what it was, but we were scared. I tried to just shrug it off and say it was just a cat or something but it didn't go away and it was no cat. We turned on all the lights and while she was bathing with the door open so I could see her I pretty much shouted Hymns at the window. We prayed so hard for protection and strength. Whenever I was on my knees with my eyes closed I felt safe. I knew we would be ok, but I also knew my companion would not sleep. So we were up till way way late reading scriptures and singing songs. Kind of crazy, but apparently most of the sisters houses in the mission are haunted. What's up with that? Hahaha.
    Yesterday we watched a clip about missionary work with a number of different prophets speaking and I just love, love, love the words of the prophets. When I hear them speak, especially testify of Jesus Christ... my whole soul shakes inside and I feel like I am being called home. I love the Prophet so much. Also yesterday, during Sacrament (fast and testimony) I felt the spirit and knew I needed to get up. ... So I did. I don't know if anyone really understood me AND I was wearing my huge boots and looked ridiculous (everyone commented on them- embarrassing) but I was glad I got up still.
   I realized again just how dependent I am on my Savior and His atonement. I have nothing to boast of. Nothing I have is from my own doing. My health, my ability to learn, my body, my ANYTHING is all because of the Lord. I am but a fool... how merciful Our Father in Heaven is. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and My Heavenly Father because he truly has given me all that I have. I am learning to be patient... haha I have a long way to go, but I am so grateful for our Father In Heaven who is Always patient and forgiving and eager to help each of us. I love you all and am so thankful for each of you and pray for you always!
     All My Love,
  Sister Sarah Ralph

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