Monday, August 12, 2013

12 August 2013

Isabel's baptism.
   Wow! What an exciting week mom! Haha Oh Family! I miss you all and love you so dearly. Mom I want to make sure you understand something. Just because my letters get shorter does not mean I don't want to talk to you or are talking to other people more... it's just at the beginning everything is new and exciting and foreign but over time there are less things that stand out and I am use to things and we do a lot of the same things over and over, hahha so I just am not sure what to tell you. I would love to share spiritual crazy stories every time... but that just is not missionary work. Sometimes missionary work is just keep on trucking along with a smile even when we are not seeing the fruits of our labor or feel like we are making much progress. I love you and would spend every second I could talking with you. I love you Mother! Very much.
   Yes... I believe my place was dedicated, but we have not had a problem since that one night so I think we are ok.
   HAHAHAH Tell Liz that I did get what she meant and it made me laugh a lot... out loud, hahaha, I love you so much Sister!!
   Why was Rebekah in Vegas? Random! Tell me how the blessing goes! I wish I could be there for it. Take pictures for me too!!
   I've been thinking about Megan Tyler a lot recently. That is crazy she is going to be a pilot WOW! Tell her Hi and I love her and hope she is doing so well.
P-day Activity at the beach.

   Tell Dad HI for me and I love him and think of him too! OH HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I know its on the 12th but I don't know if today or tomorrow or yesterday was the 12th for you sooo... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Thank you for marrying each other. Thank you for loving each other and for putting up with all of us kids for so long and for your testimonies and service and love for the Lord. You both are the most incredible parents any one could ever ask for.
   This week had a lot of events. This last Saturday we had a baptism. Isabel. She is a nine year old part member and she is super quiet, but it was a great experience to finally help her make that covenant. The baptism was short because Saturday was also Fiesta for Bobon. Every barangay or town I guess you could call it celebrates a catholic holiday where they go to church and eat a lot of food and drink.
Spicy Mango Pizza at Fishville where we got flooded in.

 So we were not allowed to work on Saturday- lots and lots and lots of drunk people every where. We were fed delicious food however and then just went home and did role playing. Oh... so this is what I learned this week. Ok... so I am struggling with the language. But its my own fault. Its really hard for me to open my mouth.. I am not sure why. But I know that role playing is super important. Yes its uncomfortable and no one really enjoys it... but for me I get excited to role play- when we plan. Then when it comes time to actually role play my walls of rebellion shoot straight up. A lot of the time I just want to be alone or just not do anything. When this happens I know that I just have to pray. I have to get on my knees and pray for my walls of pride to be torn down. I have to pray that I can look past myself and practice. Its hard to explain, but I know that prayer is essential in my ability to progress and every time this happens our role plays are very effective and I learn a lot. Missionary work is so much more than what it seems for the surface.
Me in the tricycle going home at night.
 I do not fit in them and so I am getting a super bad hunch back- sorry mom.

   Something kind of funny that happened this week... we were teaching an investigator one afternoon and out of no where a giant pig runs in and starts banging up against everyone. He was feisty! So we spent like ten minutes trying to get this pig out.. unfortunately it kind of killed the spirit but... oh random is that haha.
   I had exchanges this week and it was fun! I learn a lot about myself when we do exchanges. My STL told me that I am really good with the language... the problem is Tagalog! lol Waray I can mostly understand and fairly speak ok la but my area is mixed with a ton of Tagalog/... so I really really really need to start learning that language too. Oh humility. Humility! Pray, pray, prayer, patience! Another storm came while we were out and so we got stuck at a fancy restaurant until the water went away. Haha rainy season has not even started yet, hahahah. Oh goodness.

Sisters that I go on exchanges with.
   Yes we just had a crazy fun P-day experience. The zone all jumped in a jeep and then we had to ride a 1/2 hour on these long motorcycles to the beach! Its soooo beautiful! I could have ridden all day- don't worry. I wouldn't, but its just gorgeous, I did take pictures but they really don't do it justice. At the end of the activity we always do food-fight. Its where we lay down banana leaves and they fry fish and chicken and put rice and random foods out and everyone just grabs with their hands and eats haha. Its way fun! I love my zone- they really are good missionaries and super inspiring for me.

Our transportation.

 Any way, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my emails. I know they are not super exciting and sometimes its a pain to read the whole thing but I appreciate all your love and support. I hope that each of you know how much our Heavenly Father is aware of you. He loves each of us so much. Please never underestimate the power of prayer. Take the time to listen to him. I know that He lets us endure hard things sometimes because He knows it is better for us in the long run. We will be more like our Savior Jesus Christ as we pass through our own Gethsemane- but He will never leave us. I know this with all my heart. I love and pray for you!!
 With All My Love,
Sister Sarah Ralph

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