Sunday, September 1, 2013

1 September 2013 -- TRANSFERRED

Tacloban District
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONNIE!!!! I love you soooo much!!
   Ridiculous! I totally forgot that you are going on a cruise!! I read your email and was like why is Granpa and Grandma there? HAHA WOW!Be safe and have soo much fun and enjoy yourself, you deserve it! (= Family I love you all soo much and I miss you. Please all of you be happy!
   Ok Family... are you ready for this? My life has changed dramatically. But first we will start from the beginning of the week. Last Tuesday during my personal study I was practicing the 15 min lesson of the Restoration and while I was alone upstairs bearing testimony to the wall about our Heavenly Fathers love for all of His children I felt the spirit sooo strong. I know that Our Heavenly Father loves each of us so much... I think sometimes we are just sooo blessed that we take so much for granted, but He is always reaching out to us. I was also reading in the Book of Mormon when Christ appears and there has been all this terrible wickedness even after seeing so many signs. And yet Christ appears and says "Repent and come unto me" and you can be forgiven and recieve eternal life. Is that not just the most incredible gift? Our Savior is so incredibly quick to forgive and love. I am so grateful for Our Savior and His Character.
My ward missionaries and sisters from Bobon and Catarman seeing me off.
 I am going to miss them (=

   SOO This week was transfer week!!!!! AHH!!! Can you say UNEXPECTED! I got transferred... oh my goodness I cried. I was not prepared for that (mentally) at all. I was in the middle of the market when my zone leader called to tell me and I just cried and talked to everyone and said Bye. I love that area, it is so beautiful and the ward is great! They threw a party for me and the ward missionaries sang and Sister Sandra gave me a coconut monkey- I love it! It was so nice to have my companion cry, too. Hahah that sounds terrible, but she really did not want me to leave. She cried in my arms for a while and just would not let me go and when she dropped me off she just kept saying, "I love you Sister Ralph"... and that just made me feel so good. It's nice to know that I'm not officially the worst companion you could have. I'm going to miss my companion too. She is so service oriented and such a hard worker, I learned so much from her.
Zone Activity at the church and we are having another food fight.
I  learned how to eat like a real Philippina here-- its soo fun!

     Can I just say one thing though..?.... WOMEN!!! They are ridiculous! One minute they do not acknowlege your existence and the next they can't live without you... what is their deal?? (=
   So the 7 hr ride to Tacloban was wonderful as always, beautiful and I rode with Sister Pike who is Talaga sick (that's very sick). So we showed up at the office and I still have no idea where I am going or anything. All I know is I am just being transferred. I wait for hours and finally the APs grab me and tell me my transfer letter got destroyed and so they just told me that I am going to Carigara and my new companion is Sister Sousa!!!! BATCHMATE!!!! (that means we were in the MTC together and we came in the same batch....)
   But the trick was I had to travel alone to my new area because everything got messed up.Oh and Carigara is a different language, so I am starting over again with a language, hahaha. I have to admit that ride was kind of scary... no idea where I was going or what people were saying and yea... Exciting!
    When my stop came Sister Sousa came running across the street and jumped on me screaming YOU'RE NOT CHINESE!!! hahahaha apparently her ZLs told her I was Chinese. It was super funny. We are sooooo excited!
This is my new companion Sister Sousa. We were in the MTC together... Babies we still are. I love her to death!

   I seriously am living the dream right now. I am sooo happpy!! The area is beautiful, I LOVE my new companion. The language here is sooo much easier than my last area because they all mostly speak Waray- H and a little cebuano. Instead of 3 languages with a billion dialects. I am soo excited! Our house is cute and clean and the area is a challenge. Apparently its one of the hardest because none of the leaders are active fully. Our focus this month is visiting the leaders, and people are not very receptive here- hard core Catholic. But me and my companion want to learn and change and grow and serve our hearts out. We are sooo happy! I feel like life could not get better (mission wise). We already taught a few lessons and its only going to get better. That's the outline of whats going on. I am sending pictures, let me know if you get them! I love missionary work. I love having my life revolve around inviting others to come unto Christ. I am so excited for all the challenges and experiences ahead. I love you all and pray for you!!
All My Love,
Sister Sarah Ralph

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