Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 September 2013

Hello Family!! 
   I apologize in advance my letter this week will be less than thrilling, but bear with me. So Monday was fun, we just spent our whole P-day at the church helping the ward print t-shirts for the stake activity on Saturday, there should be a pix kind of showing you what that was like.

And then Tuesday we went to Abango and a miracle happened. We went to go check and see if Angel was there but she wasn't. So we decided to stop at a LA's house nearby and see how they were doing. When we left both me and my companion randomly saw this tiny dirt path at the back of this fancy neighborhood and we wondered if there were houses back there. So we both felt like we should go see. Sooo we went along and after like one minute of walking we randomly- seriously out of Nowhere ran into Angel! It was sooo crazy! And there is no way that was an accident! We were so happy! We got to see what was going on because she hasn't been able to purchase load (for her phone) so we can't talk to her. But she still wants to come to church, so we keep praying for her!

   Thursday was CSP (community service project) again. My zone of missionaries went to a school and helped a LA (less active) with her garden. It was fun except all the stinker little boys kept throwing worms at me. Those of you who know me know how much I enjoyed that. But at recess all the kids came out and there were sooo many and they just followed me everywhere I went. The pictures do not do it justice. I tried teaching them red light green light but the whole red light part was a struggle, hahaha. It was a lot of fun! They are sooo beautiful!

   I wrote Benjamin, but we don't say much. He is doing so much better in terms of language than I think I ever will. I appreciate the prayers, of course, I just need to pick up my game, my efforts in the language! Ahh! Mom, Brother Mighty wants to talk to you, hahahha, have fun! Haha, Mhayty is his first name, his last name is Morales. He has a huge crush on me, hahaha, its slightly entertaining, hahaha. Of course, it's ok if you give out my email. WOW! COOL Bishopric!! I want to watch conference so bad! I will talk about Raul in my email. I'm excited to try all your foods mom, they sound wonderful.
Raul our investigator

   After CSP we went to the church and Sister Sousa and I cleaned the bathrooms,.... which never happens in the Philippines, Waray soap, Waray TP, Its bad. But while I was cleaning the toilet I got a chemical in my eye and it burned so, so bad. I rinsed my eye under water for ever but later when we were teaching it was still gushing Pus. Yea... it was nasty!
   Ok now though, hahahaha.
Ok, we are teaching Leslie and she is such a gem! I wish you all could meet her. She is so prepared for the gospel. She was taking notes the last time we taught her. Her eagerness for the gospel invites the spirit so strong and so I love teaching her because I know every time we are blessed with the gift of tongues and I can feel it- it's a beautiful feeling! I love the gospel! I love missionary work!
   Sister Sarah Ralph

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