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29 June 2014 - My little Brother is HOME

Sorry I can't get the card reader going. And I apologize I do not have any inspiring stories this week. Please be patient with me. Opening an area is.... slightly stressful but we are doing our best.
This last Friday we had a random CSP (community service project) that we had not even heard anything about. We showed up expecting it to be a normal CSP and wanting to help. They then told us that the there was an artist slash congresswoman coming to the church and the church was working together with her program to give 2000 atops or roofs or shelters to Non-members in the surrounding areas. They wanted the people to see members and missionaries working together so they would associate missionaries more with the church and not with separate people.

So what we did is from 8 AM to almost 8 PM we were outside in the blazing heat picking up metal rooftops and bags full of nails, hammer, saws etc. and placing them along the church and the people who come in and get a little pep talk from the Artista and then they would file in along their new rooftops and we would then help them tie it all up and carry them out to the road or where ever they were going.

The thing that you don't see is that the metal we were carrying around is SHARP!!! AS IN!! SHARP! So every single person got cut multiple times. At the end of the day I counted mine... total 30 (=
During the second batch there was a lady that was tying her things together and she sliced her hand. Blood just flowed and I saw the whole thing. I ran to her and grabbed her hand and held it tight with pressure and held it high and took her to the bathroom. There is not much for cleaning supplies in the Philippines but eventually we got her cleaned up and bandaged. Right after that I suddenly felt like I was going to faint and throw up (like Father like daughter ) and had to sit down for a bit. But after that all happened the members saw me and started calling me Doctor Ralph.
That really says something when I was the best medical aid there was to offer. But so it started. I can't tell you how much blood and nasty I saw for the rest of the day, but it was enough to be glad that I did not go into a medical field. All I had to work with was cotton swabs, alcohol, tape and iodine. But we did what we could. The scariest was one lady that DASHED her knee. We had to cut her pants and her fat from her knee was pouring out. We cleaned it, bandaged it and she was off...... These people can't afford a doctor. You should have seen how courageously they all handled the pain.
A selfie right after the CSP, check the skin color....
We did get a few referrals from the CSP but they wanted us really just showing that example and helping the people to see the good we were doing. They were so grateful. This CSP KILLED Me! Bishop calls me his IDOL because I was out working most of the Brethren there and did not get tired for the longest time. I LOVE WORK! I love using my hands, it's refreshing and I enjoyed every single minute. But I have to say... I have never been in so much pain in SUCH a long time. I went from SUPER WHITE to RED in one day and my shoulders are yellow and purple from carrying the roofs on my shoulders. My hands are covered in cuts and cleaning other wounds with alcohol was .... OH SOO FUN! By the end of the day, I physically could not do what I Was doing earlier. I tried to pick up the roofs and couldn't. I went home and tried to take a bath and you know how we use those little ladle things to pour water on us to bathe... I couldn't do it. I had to use both hands. Literally I was a puddle. Hahaha, BUT I LOVED IT!!! We should have more activities like that.... but with REAL doctors, hahaha.
The picture of me is right after the CSP and this is a
baptism from two days ago.
Do you see a difference in skin color from last week? hahahahha

I've got a question...can you get herpes from blood to blood?

Well.. I had lots of blood to blood contact this week and then all of a sudden this weird thing popped up on my lip. I really hope it's not a cold sore.

This is where we buy our fish on P-day.
I love the sleeping lady. They all sleep right there.
We got a good laugh. I LOVE the Philippines!

This is our area. We have to walk across this rice field to get there (=
Its soooo green I LOVE IT!
The rice fields

You might not be able to tell. But I'm soaked to the bone. Hahaha We are opening an area and it's been hard getting members to help us because they are busy so we get lost A LOT and it just happened to be that the rain and thunder decided to join us this day. Oh, the adventures of missionary work.
Last p-day, we got home and look who decided to be a guest. HE IS a BIG one let me tell you. You can't tell in the picture but he is bigger than my hand. I killed him......eventually, haha. 
Benjamin is HOME! I want to be there with him so bad. I'm his big sister. He is my baby.... Gosh I was not expecting this to hurt so bad. It's ok mom, don't bug him. He is fine. Are you throwing a party now?

AHH! Yea,,... it just kinda of makes the tears come again. But thanks. I love him too. Mom, go enjoy yourself. YOUR SON is HOME! I will be fine. (=

AHHH! I wish I Was there!!!
Oh wow. HI BISHOP!!! Mom did Benjamin get a blessing with his release? WOW! I'm grateful to feel loved... but I'm slightly stressed haha

I'm still learning this whole TRUST in God thing.... please be patient with me. Sorry I did not have any inspiration stories but I love you mom. I love you sooo much! Be safe! Tell Jon I love him and I will watch his kids for them when I get home.

Sister Ralph

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