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15 June 2014 -- Happy Father's Day

Ok, this is my zone. It's changed now though because our zone leader just left to become AP. AHH!! Weird

Hahahahahaha They are ALL things I LOVE ABOUT HIM!!!
 Sooo.... I know this man and as you can see in the pictures he is a man of many, many talents and quirks. He can take anything broken and in what seems an instant.... it is fixed.

And with a cute and very contented look on his face... he finishes the job. (=

He is brave, courageous quick and strong as can be.... but when it comes to blood. Just let him be.

We always want him with us..... Except in the Kitchen....

Every ones favorite is "Joy to the World". But he has a unique way of singing along....

With all his quirks and talents he is also the man that I turn to for everything. The man I look up to and respect, a humble father, a loving husband and a Man of God. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!! I love you so much and reflect on your example constantly. You have done more in forwarding the work of God here on this earth than you can possibly imagine. I Hope you had a wonderful day!!

This is at an FHE with the Amerila family who we love!
Ok Here is my week:
     So we have this investigator who is in her late thirties. Her name is Inday Dizone and we have taught her a few times and the progression has been slow but the potential is obvious. She has read from the Book of Mormon but still not comfortable with coming to church. We are really trying to focus on her getting that testimony for herself through prayer. This last week we had two sisters from the ward come with us and they talked LITERALLY for 2 and a half HOURS! I don't know if I can paint this picture clearly... Filipinos do NOT talk like Americans. In America if you interrupt it's rude and you are not really listening. Here... if you don't interrupt... it's weird. There is no silence or quiet between's almost, I would say, a talent how they make these transitions and still make sense of everything even though they talk over each other. My companion and I just sat and listened happy at least that they were fellowshipping and that she would hopefully feel more comfortable coming to church with knowing these two sisters. Two days later.... we go back... AGAIN!! Another hour and a half later.... of PURE chicka chicka,... talking, talking. But the second time was so amazing to me. I was able to step back and evaluate what was going on. Yes, we could have gotten more appointments in, we could have talked to more people, but here two white spoiled medjo selfish young American girls left everything they love behind-- half way around the world in order to sit on the floor in the BLAZING heat, sweating bullets, thirsty, hungry, and struggling to understand the insanely fast Cebuano about payments and loans and laundry... in order for this woman to feel that she is loved, in order for this ONE PERSON to know that she has a Savior and to learn of the Message of the Restoration. I was able to truly find holiness in that hour and a half. I love being a missionary. He truly opens our eyes to see what is truly beyond what our eyes can comprehend.
     This week was actually FANTASTIC!! Things are finally coming together!! We got nine new investigators and we are meeting professionals!! yes! Heavenly Father is Answering our Sincere Prayers!! We are soo happy! We were THRILLED when two of our investigators came to church, two sisters who brought their kids. They stayed all three hours and they really inspired the members to get involved. Members kept coming up and saying how nice it was to see new faces in church. And they were fellowshipped and it was everything missionaries live for. I Love being a missionary! My testimony of the power of members just accelerates every single week.
     I think one of my personal favorite classes of people to teach as a missionary are less-actives. It sounds terrible but I always feel the spirit guide my tongue and the scriptures from the Book of Mormon ALWAYS ALWAYS have exactly what they need to hear. It's incredible. I wish I could just have you all there with me when we teach but we walk into these houses and we know they are not super excited to see us but they let us in any way because they are Pinoy and they are hospitable. We chat and talk and their concerns come out... it's too cold in the church, they don't want to go to church without their spouse, they are offended, No one will force me to go to church.... We have heard it all. And yet... the Book of Mormon is filled with promises and reminders that just seem to make everything seem so unimportant. How I love the Book of Mormon. It really, truly is the key stone of God's religion. It has helped me in my OWN life to see how Satan has thrown darts at me. But slowly I'm throwing back darts his way as I study the scriptures and pray for guidance. Man... I just love everything about the Gospel! Everything makes sense! Everything is soo... REAL! Being a missionary is the best!
     Ohh, One other thing I want to share. So I had read a few weeks ago President Monson's talk this last conference about love and being kind. He said, "may we all look for opportunities to be kind".... We were leaving a Less-active's house and it was getting late. In the corner of my eye I saw this woman just sitting by herself on the side of the road. I looked deeper into her face... her eyes and she just had sorrow written into her face. I literally heard President Monson's voice come into my head... look for opportunities to show a little kindness....
      I grabbed my companion and we just took 20 minutes to talk to this woman and find out what her concerns and worries were. She teared up and we shared the message of the restoration with her. We were getting ready to leave and she just had this huge smile on her face and she said she was so happy we came and talked to her. There was no number we could take credit for in our key indicators for the day but the satisfying feeling... knowing we had done good in the world was beautiful and lasting. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ- a religion of kindness.
     Transfers are this week.
     YES Ma'am! I will do everything to be safe and healthy mom. I bought TONS of fruits this morning(= Thank you for your concern, I love you too! I'm going to go eat and I will talk to you next week. In the mean time, focus on Dad... its father's day! Give him a Kiss and Tell him I love him! I love you soo much mom! You are the BEST MOM in the WHOLE WORLD!! All my Love!!!
Sister Ralph

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