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22 June 2014 -- Transfer 7

Transferred...Yes. I left Sister Bray. I am now in Ormoc Zone, a different kind of Cebuano and a Philippina Companion- Sister Tierra. She is great. Just change, change, change. And we are opening an area for my 6th time.... what are they trying to teach me that I'm not picking up?
   So funny that you told me to get checked up this week mom because I spent a lot of time in the hospital this week, but not for me, haha, for my companion, Sister Bray. We left the computer shop last week and right away before even getting on a Jeepney or tricycle, my companion was saying her back hurt. We drove somewhere to shop and get food but we walked in and I noticed my companion was being all weird... almost zombie like. I was confused and asked her what was going on. She told me her back hurt really bad and she could not feel her body weight. We went to get in line to get food to see if food would help but she could not last a minute in line. She had to sit down. She said her body was going numb and she felt like throwing up. So while she cried her eyes out with her head on the table at this restaurant in the mall - I called the zone leaders and Sister Andaya. 
 This picture is in the mission office!
YES! its back! and so nice after the storm now.
That is Elder Quinco, he was my zone leader,
and now our AP. Love him! He loves me too,
whether he admits it or not hahah

     We ended up going to the clinic and waiting these for hours after they took her BP and it was normal and her sugar was normal. We went in to see the doctor who said she needed tests done. I was NOT impressed with the doctor at all and so I was grateful the ZL's were there to keep me calm. She started burning up too and could barely walk without me helping her. The three test results came back and said she was fine other than a slight urinary infection. She was just sooo... out of it and really started burning up. The AP's without me even knowing left Tacloban to come and get us. So within a few hours they were taking us to Tacloban because the doctors in Sogod are.... basta.
   We got to Tacloban at night and just pretty much went straight to bed.
   We went to our beds but there was no sleeping. Her back was killing her so I tried to rub it out and her fever would come and go so I tried to keep liquids down her and do whatever but it was a rough, rough night.  
Elder Burton entertaining Sister Bray.

   After that we just chilled in Tacloban- they wanted to just see how things mulled over for a day. Oh yes, she did get a beautiful blessing from Elder Lum right before coming to Tacloban. And so we hung out with the Tacloban zone- by hanging out I mean we sat in the back of their zone meeting. Sister Bray laying down on my lap, me checking her temp and helping her drink water. It was an adventure. The APs were amazing and brought us bananas and medicine that she ate out in the hall. I got to see my Ward Mission Leader from Carigara while we were out in the hall- sweet tender mercy. Within an hour from the medicine-her fever was gone and she was getting color back, by the end of the night she was walking around and talking.
 Her back was the last thing to get better but we literally just chilled at the mission office for a number of hours so she could be monitored and cared for. I enjoyed myself because I got to play nurse/mom and secretary because the office elders let me help organize papers and get the office more in order. At least I was being productive with time. Towards the end of the night Elder Burton and his companion were put in charge of us and they did a fantastic job keeping Sister Bray smiling and fed- they personally made mashed potatoes and chicken soup. We are loved (=
This is JesNeph (Jesus Nephi), a little member boy who I love.
He is so cute!  The name got beat...
I met a family here who named their boy "Christ"
and he has NO nickname- unlike all Filipinos.
Sister Tierra and I call him "Baby C", haha.

A school with a bunch of kids practicing a dance performance.

This is my favorite little boy who I taught how to make this
cool popping noise with his lips. We are best of friends. 
   So the news finally came and yes I was transferred- so unexpected, hahaha, please... I'M ALWAYS transferred, 7th area now (= So I came in perfect timing for the District Conference with President Ardern! I saw him in the chapel and went straight up to him and told him how much I loved him and how I nearly was in tears when I heard him pray in conference knowing how humble and how he truly is a hero for me personally (he is the one that got us from Tacloban) I did not realize after I left him that I grabbed his arm! I'm SOO BAD!! I just grabbed the arm of my area president!!! Seriously Sister RALPH!! REALLY? I'm such a doof!
Elder Ardern
The picture below is of Sister Johnadee-our investigator in Sogod. I'm so sad I will not get to see her progress. She is one of the sisters that came to church and my last day there, we taught her, and you could see her love and amazement for the Book of Mormon in her eyes. She was already making applications to her own life and recognized the spirit as she read. She is a convert to the Book of Mormon and I am so excited for her. (= I love being a missionary!
Sister Johnadee- our investigator in Sogod with a 
RS member Maryjane in the white- she is incredible!

So now my companion is this cute little Philippina -Sister Tierra, She is about a year into the mission and is from Bacolod (= We get along great and I am so excited to get to know her. She has a strong testimony and she is helping me cook (= YES! Love her already. She is Ilango and Waray-waray but the Cebuano will come quick to her.

Below are a few pictures of Ormoc.. It's a huge zone.

Scene Llang. It's a beautiful area. We are assigned to the city but it looks like we will be spending most of our time out here in the more bukid part. We have a great bishop and they said that the storm really did miracles for the Less-active members here and the retention is awesome. We are excited to see what miracles come our way as we are exactly obedient and rely on the Lord. Oh the Joys ahead!! Today I have 4 months left- no time to waste! I have soooooo much to learn and do before I go ANYWHERE! (= I love missionary work!
Sister Tierra and me in Ormoc zone.

Yes, Ormoc is the city.

I apologize I look terrible in the pix but it's all I got. I was a big of a disaster this past week and most of the pictures were taken right after sweating my brains out trying to clean our apartment or something like that. So I apologize. Also my wardrobe is so little now . The labahan in Sogod stole like half of my shirts... no joke, haha. Love the Philippines.

Please don't leave out details for when Benjamin comes home. I wish I could be there with you all. I love you so much! Take care. Be safe.

Love ,
Sister Ralph

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