Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 - Companion #8

The Calos family- investigators who I LOVE!! 
Sister Bray is in this baptismal picture that needs to be cropped, sorry.

Ok I will finally start my letter now that the computer is working, haha.
   Well TRANSFERS HAPPENED! So I have a new companion yet again... on to number 8, hahaha. My new companion is Sister Bray she is from Draper Utah, 20 years old and a year into her mission

Alright well..... I kind of just want to focus on one experience this week because the rest was slightly slow and puntedness, haha.
The lady in Yellow is the American.. Judy with Sister Stoehr.
   So we taught Judy this last Tuesday and she was excited to see us and the lesson went well. She still has this concern about how the world is TOO big for only there being one prophet and how she is sure our church is true but there are likely OTHER true paths as well. We read from the Book of Mormon and helped invite the spirit. At the end of the lesson I felt prompted to ask her if it would be ok if we knelt and prayed- and if she would ask God if our church was the Only true church on the earth and to not close her prayer until she felt like she got an answer. She obliged and we all knelt. She started the prayer sincere and wanting an answer. After she asked the question we knelt there in prayer, in silence for 10 minutes. Right after she asked the question tears just flowed from my eyes. I felt this overwhelming love for my Father in Heaven. But we continued to wait in prayer... it was so easy for Satan to send thoughts to me... saying..." Its been long enough", " just look up and talk to her and say maybe next time". ... Oh NO! There was no way I was going to let Satan work me like that. So I stayed there, arms folded, tears flowing silently and eyes shut. I decided to ask for help. As I have never failed before I called on my sweet brother and sister on the other side of the veil (angels and servants of the Lord) to testify to her. I called them by name and continued to wait....
   Finally she spoke. She thanked Heavenly Father for sending us, for the spirit for many things and closed her prayer. Her comment right after closing the prayer was "this divine energy is overwhelming" She THEN went on to say how she felt her question was too limiting and so she asked other questions and got the answer that there are other ways other than the this church. I continued crying like I always do and asked her if she would further explain that comment she made about the energy she felt. She said that (its rainy season at night at this time) well it's not hot and yet I'm sweating from all this divine energy, it's obvious she said that God is healing us. She said she could not deny the power she was feeling...... .... I thanked her for telling me because I knew that MY prayer had been answered and her's had too, but there is still work to do in helping her recognize how the spirit testifies to us. It was such a difficult and yet beautiful experience. We cannot take peoples' agency, they must choose to act on our message and accept it. But we must do all we can to bring the message unto their hearts. Especially being my little sister's Birthday tomorrow, I just want to tell her how much I love and appreciate her. Being a missionary, I need help from both sides of the veil- I'm sooo blessed to know and have my missionary sister on the other side always eager to help. I love you!
   Not much more happened. We taught Cristy Joy a new investigator and like almost every time when you try to teach about the first vision there is a HUGE distraction. This one was worse than most because 5 drunk men came in and wanted to "listen" and ... ahh! It was rough. WHY do people drink? I will never understand. But basta... we are moving forward with her and helping her recognize the spirit.
This is a less-active sister that had her baby this week.
He got sick and so we spent a good chunk of time in the hospital this week.
Other than that I honestly got punted like the WHOLE week... which means people were not home, drunk or did not want anything to do with us. I had another Man scream at me saying Joseph Smith is in hell. But.... we just smile and keep going. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has continued to grow. I Love it so much! Heavenly Father answers our specific questions.... I know this for myself. Recording our spiritual experiences is one way we show God we value His word and He is more willing to continue giving freely to us. I just love the Gospel, I love truth! I love My Father in Heaven so much! We are so blessed!

Sister Sarah Ralph

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