Friday, April 11, 2014

6 April 2014 -- Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Me and Sr. Bray

Ok here is my letter... sorry it's short again.
   Most of the pictures are going to be a re-enactment of what we do or what my house looks like... because of the lack of pictures. Sorry haha

  I did get the package from the Carters though! Thank you soooo much! It was such a nice surprise... the pix is of us eating the mac and cheese. It was perfect! Thank you soo soo much! I am excited to meet all the people that signed the letter when I get home.

Yum, Macaroni and Cheese from the Carter's

Sr. Agreda and me

Dinner time


Study time

   Ok, so this last week we met a member who does not live here but is here on business. Brother Arnie and he is amazing!! He was a priest in the Catholic Church before and now is a TRUE member missionary.
     So Brother Arnie is the perfect example of what members should be doing to fellowship. He moved in, met his neighbors, found ways he could serve them and while serving them shared his beliefs and invited them to learn and be taught by missionaries. He has been at all our lessons and picked them up and brought them to church this last Sunday. They enjoyed their time at church despite a number of stumbling blocks. We committed them to be baptized on May 3!
These people are the referrals from Br. Arnie.

This week has been better than last, slowly, slowly, we are finding more people to teach and learning so much! I LOVE LOVE personal study soooo much! I learn so much every single day. I'm learning soooo much about myself... every single day. I am learning that APPLICATION is the Key! I'm starting to really focus on the application of the words of the prophets rather than just enjoying the spirit as I read their words. It's been wonderful! I've been worried recently that my prayers have not been as faithful as they should be ... because I let Satan fool me into thinking that He was not really answering ALL my prayers. WRONG! WOW! I realized that recognizing the spirit, is recognizing God's hand in my life. God rarely answers my prayers while I am on my knees... but throughout my day, while I'm working, studying and really thinking.... God Is soooo Good! But he rarely answers my prayers in the way I expect. It's a life time pursuit to recognize the spirit AKA His Hand, His Answers to my Prayers. I love the Gospel!!!
I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!!!!
Look close at the baby on that guys back... we got a goooooood laugh.
Mom... I'm terrible at humility.... terrible. hahahaha
   When the leaders are hypocrites and use their calling to control...... I just lose all respect and don't listen to them. It's terrible! I'm such HAMBOG! Prideful! I love respecting those that I DO respect... but .... GAHH!
   We work with youth in the ward. They are wonderful! I am happy! No discouragement! I just had to complain to you about my humility because I wanted your advice and words of wisdom but I'm not letting it get to me. I'm tired and done with letting Satan make me think that I am not a good person. I am doing my best and trust in my Savior.
   In my personal study time I always start with the Book of Mormon- the key to personal revelation. I cannot explain how much I have come to value and treasure this Book. It has become my compass, my blanket, my desires. I have been reading talks and PMG as well... to inspire and direct my thoughts and study for how to improve our missionary skills. I love personal study... it needs to be 5 hours every day, haha. I am soo happy! I say this every day because I really am. God keeps his promises. There is joy beyond words that we all can experience in the service of the Lord.
   I love you all so much! 

Sister Ralph
Oh PS.. there is another storm coming I guess tomorrow or something so if I don't respond next week... HAHHAHA I LOVE YOU!!!
      PPS. No one told me how Jess's b-day went... Give Hadlie a squeeze and kiss. Tell grandma and grandpa I love them!

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