Monday, March 17, 2014

16 March 2014 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ok here is my week. Lots of ups and downs.... the 70 names of potentials is coming along ... slowly, of course, haha.
One of our "potentials".
     Ok let me go in order so I get this all out. So last P-day was fun. Every P-day we go to the beach and play soccer and play in the sand (HARD life I know, hahaha.) But I actually kicked one of the Elders and totally destroyed my foot. I was NOT about to be left out and not get to play... that's not cool. But I paid for it, hahah. I walked it off and kept playing but it caught up to me later that night when we were walking around. Ouch! But I repented and told Heavenly Father I would stop playing soccer with the Elders, but I did need to be out of pain so I could be an effective missionary. He accepted my offer and despite the huge, swollenness and inability to walk by the end of the night... when I woke up the next morning, it was good as new. Heavenly Father answers even our simple prayers and I do plan on keeping my promise. 
     Item number 2 is Judy Papik- she is the American that we were able to meet last week. We went back and taught her. She is super big into energy - the energy of our bodies and so we had her talk to us about it for a while before we shared the first lesson with her. Grabe! Can I just tell you HOW DIFFERENT it is teaching Pinoys vs Americans- it's so different, and hard to explain, but we shared the first lesson and, like Preach My Gospel says, we invited her to be baptized. She said "no", haha. She continued on saying "wow, you're job is not easy" and it's very "intense" of you to meet someone one time and ask them to change their religion. We of course went on to bare testimony of the reality of our message and how important baptism is and how of course she would need to act to prepare herself to be baptized. It's not bastabasta [no big deal, or something to not take serious (no direct translation)] ... It's a sacred covenant with God. She did accept a Book of Mormon however and said she would pray and read. .. This experience changed my perspective and made me question if I was a good missionary. I could connect with her (as an American) so much more than I do with Pinoys- but I love the Filipinos- so am I doing something wrong? Ahh!! It bugged me so bad! So I brought it up to my zone leaders who are both Pinoys and they said "NO!" That's totally normal. It's completely different- even for them, you have to kind of baby spoon feed Pinoys, and really the only thing that connects us is the gospel and families. That made me feel better- I LOVE all Pinoys and they are ALL beautiful, they simply are not American (as lame as that sounds).

Two ward missionary sisters 

  Item #3. We went back and taught her about the Book of Mormon and she had read but I don't think she prayed to know if our message is true. Because - according to what she said (at this point) she believes that its most likely our church is true and Joseph Smith "is nice and good" but the world is big she says, there are probably many prophets in other places- I may never know.... This is her understanding at this point. 
We had an AMAZING lesson with her on the Book of Mormon. I honestly don't remember a lot of what we explained but the spirit was burning. We got to testify to her and share our own experiences of learning for ourselves about the Book of Mormon and she just kept asking all the right questions. She asked: "what makes you so sure?" "What happened to you that you just Know?" When we invited her to pray and ask for herself we promised God would answer prayer and her response was "well of course He will because you two obviously have received your answers." Before the lesson started we were talking about passions- because she is passionate about her project with energy and I said I couldn't think of any career type thing I was passionate about, and at the end of the lesson she said... "Well I know now what you are passionate about." It was incredible! I love being a missionary and sharing my testimony with the world! It's so true!
     #4 We also got to teach Brother Ambida- his wife is a member and he is not there yet. All the members are scared to go teach him because he asks all those ridiculous questions about ducks in America and blah, blah, blah... (People like this do not scare me one bit). The only thing I'm scared of is holding my tongue and not saying something not super Christ-like is response to one of those questions. So the first lesson was a bit of a challenge for me but we have a super good relationship and can laugh with each other, so don't worry. I got a good feel for where his understanding was and what he wants and what is important to him. We focused on faith but it didn't sink in. The next lesson we went back and focused ALL on the Holy Ghost. I did not let him divert the conversation with his random questions and we focused on the role of the Holy Ghost and He listened more than talked this time and I think he was touched- getting him to act and change is obviously going to be quite the trick. Stubborn little turkey.
     #5 I also was asked to give a talk this last Sunday. We both were and obviously I am not a huge fan of giving talks. I wrote the outline of my talk and had a plan. But when I got up to the pulpit I remembered something I read this week that talked about faith and courage and it said that it is planning but when the spirit directs otherwise being able and willing to put your plans aside and just let the spirit guide. Then it BECOMES what the Savior himself would teach. I got up there and I think I looked at my paper once. I just felt like there was so much I needed to say about my topic and it just all came to me. It was really nice to have so many people come up and tell me they were touched- even though my language is kulang (lacking). I felt so good after I sat down. I just LOVE the Holy Ghost so much! The line in the white hand book that says... Take advantage of this time to enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost and I honestly feel like that is what I am doing. I feel so happy and peaceful all the time! I love the Holy Ghost!
     Talking to the American this week really opened my eyes. I think sometimes, being raised in the church and being a missionary every day,... I take for granted who I am and this gospel. My life- what missionaries do is a miracle in itself. If I was not a member of this church... at this point in my life... can you imagine what I would be doing or where I would be? Hahahhahaha, oh goodness. Let's stop thinking about that now. But instead we are giving up our homes and families and luxuries and what not, to serve our Lord and God. Hahah I LOVE IT! It makes me so happy! I know who I am! Ah! I just want to cry and scream and laugh all at the same time.
    Something Judy said was... "I have been in the Philippines for 8 years now and in my entire life I have never experienced or seen anything like this", referring to two white, young, American girls in the Philippines, teaching and inviting BOLDLY, everyone to come unto Christ. And we are living what we teach! Wow! I love the Lord's ways, His plan! There is no greater work on this earth!
Happy Birthday Jessica!

    As to the family and friends, well, thank everyone for me for wanting or caring to stay in touch. That is so sweet of them. I know missionaries seem to just disappear when they leave home-- so I appreciate that. I love my family so much! Mom, you are the most beautiful person I know! Thank you for teaching me who I am (you too, dad) I love you both and pray for you always. Take care, be good! Oh and HAPPY St. PATRICKS DAY!! (in the Philippines at least) haha, Love you!!
I can't wait to be with Jessica too!! I love my family!! I gladly accept her as my guardian angel (=
Sister Ralph  

PS Oh mom! Could you please thank Sister Michelle McCain for me! She sent me a package and wrote a nice little card too. She sent starbursts and licorice and it's all gone now, hahahha. I'm gonna get fat!. Please thank her so much for me and give her a hug!


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