Monday, February 24, 2014

23 February 2014 -- News of upcoming Transfer

God is listening to my prayers, I don't know why but this week I've been impressed to pray more fervently than usual for my family's safety. So I am soo grateful! Thank you. Now we all know that it's a good idea to listen to Sister Ralph huh?? (= Its ok... 

This picture is me and my companion in Naval the area we are assigned to
Ok so I'm sorry but this will be another short email because we are still living and working Cabbugayan but our area is Naval. Its 2 hours away and so we only go to our area on Sundays... its a lot more frustrating than you might think, but to add to the craziness... I got a call last night and I am transferring again! hahah, so before I even really got to work in my assigned area I am being shipped off somewhere. I will travel on Wednesday morning to my new area and I have no more information than that. hahahah, oh the joys of mission life. 

A bunch of High school kids that wanted to take a pix

So to answer your question, mom... No we have not been doing CSP (community service projects). These people in Cabucgayan are soooo ready for the gospel. There is so much work to do. They need more missionaries. Most everyone thinks sisters are useless at CSP... which drives me insane.. but what can I do? 

Mom ...I think I have shin splints. I really need shoes. I'm hoping to buy some in Tacloban.
   I did have a great experience this week though. My companion has been a sweetheart. She always is so quick to point out the good. I love that about her so much. We were walking to an appt and I just got this desire to talk to the lady at the tindahan or the little store that we were about to pass. There was this sweet looking lady there and I wanted to talk to her. So we approached her and I just talked to her for a second and told her who we were and a quick message and gave her a pamphlet and told her we would come back the next day. 

    It felt really good and when we walked away my companion said wow that was really inspired. And I felt it too... the words just flowed.. It was completely the Holy Ghost and being that instrument is the best feeling in the world. Well we went back the next day and she had read the pamphlet and as we were explaining how the Holy Ghost feels (to help her recognize it). She pretty much interrupted me and said "Yes, I feel it" and I did too! It was the best feeling. My companion afterward just said that my face was literally glowing, haha. During the lesson I just could not stop smiling, I just loved this old woman soooo much and I barely just met her. She was so prepared and eager to be baptized and learn more. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart. It is the only power on earth to heal broken hearts, comfort the lonely and liberate the captive. It's freedom in its truest form.

I'm still trying to learn the language... which will probably change again on Wednesday, hahaha.
Oh... how is Michelle doing? and Liz being all prego and all.. AHHH!! CUTE!! What about Sister Lewis... what is she having? A girl...Cute! Everyone here has like 8 boys and no girls.
   Ok mom, I'm getting ready to go now. I tell my companion all about you though and she wants to meet you. I told her today that you still hold me like a baby and how you have this gift with babies, among your bajillion other talents. You really are the best Mom in the world! And Dad... You are the best DAD in the world. I love you both so much! Stay safe! Give Beka and Samuel giant hugs for me. ALL MY LOVE!!

Sister Ralph

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