Monday, February 17, 2014

16 February 2014 -- Adjusting but not in our area...

My letter  begins: 

So this past week has been good and a growing time for me. Its Cebuano area which is nice but my house mates are American and so we are always, always speaking English and it slightly drives me crazy. My last companion was Cebuano jud (only) and so we never spoke English. But it's ok. Hinay hinay. 
     I had a cockroach down my shirt this week- I didn't know it until I was getting ready for bed-- Yes I screamed.  Its ok, the bed bugs are back as well, hahahha, welcome to Tacloban! I love it! And of course, I ate cow esophagus.. all in the first week, haha.

    I'm learning a lot about my various weaknesses and talents. There are 6 missionaries in my branch, two Elders and 4 Sisters.. I've never been around so many Americans... it's weird. But I'm learning a lot. We meet in a meeting house and, haha, we do not fit. There were at least 12 people sitting outside the building trying to listen in for church. We got to see our area but still are not really working there yet. It's pretty big though so that's great! 

     Our meeting house is pretty small and there are quite a few people who are coming to church. Not nearly as many in the area that we are helping in but that's ok. President said the progress in Naval is slow but we plan on changing that.
Inside the meeting house, with a "Mighty" plate.
That's the name of my former Ward Mission Leader.
    This letter is late. I should be writing more around 10- or a little after. We just could not find a shop with internet- we drove 2 hours to get here... lame.
    So my companion is a small white American and she is gorgeous and so I finally get a break. People don't look at me- they stare at her and the guys approach her ALOT and so I have to play big MAMA ALOT!! It's slightly ridiculous but as is life. 
   We meet in a meeting house- not a church but yea. Its my last ward mission leaders from Carigara's name! Mighty! hahaha Not that funny to you but it was to me. Mom... I don't really have a lot to say this week, haha.
   Umm... we are supposed to do CSP (community service projects) but being girls they think we are slightly useless and won't let us touch anything in terms of buildings or anything outside. (SO ANNOYING) so we are really just finding and teaching, and trying to get things figured out again. 
Motorcycle view of my area.
   We were on riding on the back of motorcycles when I took this picture. We ride for a half hour to get to this other area and it's just breath taking, the ocean, the mountains, everything is Gorgeous! I am sooo spoiled. Its perfect. I've really been working hard on opening my mouth and it's been so wonderful to see how hearts are softened and people listen (= Not everyone obviously, but people are just so happy to see us. 
   I need to head out here despite my RIDICULOUSLY slow computer. Sorry for the lack, its just been kind of an adjusting period but things are good. Thank you for your prayers.        Mom I am sooo soo grateful for you and dad. You two really are the reason I am who I am. I am so incredibly grateful for you. You are the most incredible parents ANYONE could ever ask for. I am so happy to be a RALPH! I love you! Take care!! be SAFE (mom... yes this includes you)

Sister Sarah Ralph

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