Monday, February 10, 2014

10 February 2014 -- Back to Tacloban

Sorry, I could not email earlier mom. I hope you went to bed at a good time. You have snow???? Jealous! Please be safe huh? I'm being safe- don't worry about me, I told you before, besides having the Lord on my side, I'M HUGE... people really are scared of me. Hahaha, no snow here, I'm starting to sweat like crazy again.
    Oh Benjamin... I love your emails- I cannot believe you know the date you are going home... that is creepy! I don't want to think about that, haha.
    Ok enough chit chat, but Mom I do want to thank you for the detailed email- It made me really happy. And it's so nice to kind of get a vision of what is going on.
    No baptism this last week-- I will not bore you with the details of our disappointment, but we are still hopeful that the time will come when they will be baptized. We still had many investigators at church too so we remain grateful and trust in the Lord's time.
Pres. and Sister Lopez with Sarah leaving the Bacolod Mission.
   I don't have time to email anyone else because I am getting on a plane in 2 hours. I got a call from the AP's last night. And packed up my things last night and got on a bus this morning. Me and two sisters are going back to Tacloban. President Lopez wanted me to tell you that he loves me and will miss me and that the areas we are going back to have been cleared by the area presidency and they are safe. He said the members in Tacloban are really struggling in their faith without missionaries so we are going back to strengthen the members. I am feeling very BLAH! No feelings actually. I just want to go where the Lord wants me- honestly. The worst feeling is knowing that you are putting your will first, before the Lord. I am happy to serve wherever. Grateful for the time I had here, I pray and pray the Lord is happy with the progress we made here in Escalante. I feel like there is sooooo much more I could have or should have learned, but the journey continues. I am excited for whatever comes and grateful for all you do in supporting me. 
    Be Safe! I love you all!
Sister Ralph

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