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8 December 2013 -- Gift of Tongues

Love the word
Ok, so here is my letter. 
   Last p-day was pretty fun. We went to the church to play basketball only to find out it was not allowed for sisters to play with elders (the rules in this mission are very, very strict) so instead we got to play with a bunch of adorable kids. Reminded me how badly I want to be a mom... don't worry I wasn't losing focus; I just loved the light that they have inside. Their father had died, their mom was in the hospital but they were just glowing and loving. I played wrestle and horsey with them. It was such a blast. I love Filipinos. They are sooo easy to love.

   Me and my companion really felt the need to really push our obedience--exact obedience this week being the only sisters in our zone.... These Elders need some serious guidance or good examples here and so that is one of our many goals. And it feels good. I really felt impressed that the Lord wanted us to do this and we are called here for a reason.
   How crazy miraculous is this... we have 17 new investigators this week!! My last area we were happy to get one.... We have 17!! Just this week and 9 of them came to church! Wow! We are so blessed! We have been able to teach families... which I have not really had an opportunity to do yet. So we are so happy and excited for the progress here.
   We got Ariel a less active member who has cleft lip really bad and is 17 years old to come to church! He is shy of course but was so happy! Ahh! Oh joy!!!
   We are teaching a family way out in the Boonies. Yes I know I told you that my area is rich and way different but for some reason haha most of our investigators live out in the sticks... and I mean sticks. It's gorgeous out there... fields of sugar cane and coconut trees and mountains are all you can see. We are teaching a family who are living "in the wilderness like Lehi" haha multiplying like crazy out there. And we really, really hope they are able to continue to come closer to Christ as we keep going back... hinay hinay... or slowly, little by little.

    Any way another investigator that we taught... hahah, oh man did we get a kick out of her. She is this very old lady and is very catholic and I think she has a hard time hearing but when she prayed she probably prayed for 5 minutes or more and would say "Oh God for all our blessings Happy "p" P "P "p"p "p "P " over and over and over and she would say other phrases always with Happy p p p pp pronounced like "pee" hahahah it was so funny. You kind of had to be there but just know we got a kick out of it AND even though she is not super interested her daughter listened in and we were able to teach her and she came to church! Ahh! Love is everywhere!
Loving the kids.

   We still have not changed apartments, but that's ok. It's not a big deal. We should by next week.
   Oh man!! Ok so we were teaching another investigator and she is 16 almost 17 and her step lola (grandmother) was there... she is a DEVOTE Catholic, oh my goodness, haha. We could barely say a word without her going off about saints and how there is no gospel and we are Catholic we are Catholic. There were tons of kids sitting in and listening to us, lots of her grandchildren and as we sat there and just smiled and listened to her the kids would give us faces like "yeahhh she is crazy!" hahah. We just smiled back and waited for a chance to say something. This of course has happened to us before but not like this. It was bad...and she kept snickering and laughing at us after we said just about anything. Also realize this is Sister Ralph's perspective, which means I'm only picking up half of what she is saying and am not super great in the language (haha this is my third time switching languages). BUT... after a while we all could just feel this grossness in the room.... I promise I was patient and smiled and polite and all that... but inside I was BOILING. Beyond boiling... I just wanted to sasjdajdsjgk I don't even know. But when she literally took a breath, I kind of butted in and just looked the children square in the eyes and somehow asked them to identity the feeling in the room. And how it just was not good... and I can't remember the word I used. But I went on to testify with all the energy of my soul that I knew for MYSELF through the Power of the Holy Ghost that our message was true. That the gospel is the only and true way... and I just felt the spirit burn. I know at that moment the spirit was with us and I was blessed with the gift of tongues. I love the Lord so much! He is so good to us. Many of those children wanted to learn more (=
   Oh last thing... I have a stalker hahahah oh boy! I dont know who it is. But we randomly got a text last night from someone who "wanted to come closer to god" and my companion being naive and young told him our names and ever since then his texts are directed towards me and where I live. Texts all through the night at 4 and 6 this morning... he wants to know how I slept etc...... creeepy!! Don't worry I never respond but I'm grateful we are moving next week because he lives in our neighborhood. I gave the elders the number and we should be ok.
   As to how I'm doing...I'm good. Only every once and awhile I just have flash backs but other than that... I'm ok. I'm just trying to love where I am at and struggling to trust the Lord will help me understand these people. Just normal missionary struggles, but I'm ok. Thanks for asking. The president told people they were not allowed to ask us about it and that is nice for me. And every once in a while we see planes going to Tacloban and the members always tell me how much help is going there from many countries.... so I'm ok.
   Thank you all so much! You mean the world to me! I love you all! Be safe and Merry Christmas!!!
Sister Ralph
yes I was the only one to hit the bulls eye.... that should ring familiar to Austin and Jon hahahaha

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  1. Love Sister Ralph's sweet testimony and conviction. Thanks for sharing her blog with all of us!