Monday, December 16, 2013

15 December 2013

HI FAMILY!!!! MAN I LOVE YOU! Here is a pix of where we shop for meat. Sorry this keyboard is terrible so sorry if a lot of this does not make sense.
   This week was normal. Oh I did get to ride on the very top of a tricycle this week- it was like riding a roller coaster but with no seat belt haha everyone smiled and waved more than usual, haha.
Pillow cases given to every missionary in the mission.
 It is Christmas time and so every single night we have little kids coming to our apartment and sing like crazy until we open the door and give them food. It's kind of funny they just keep singing no matter how long it takes for us to open the door. We have an investigator -two actually this week and they live so far away. It's awesome... we literally are hiking in skirts. It's so much fun! I love the bukid (foresty area). They are brothers and love the church and are getting baptized on January 4th!
   Yesterday was the first time in my life I only partook of the water and not the bread during the sacrament, haha. I got the Elders attention and told them we were skipped but they just kept on going.... it was kind of weird. Slightly funny.
   I had a number of experiences this week where I was chastised by the Lord-- especially through the scriptures. I really have a testimony that God speaks to His children through the scriptures. A few days ago I was outside with my companion and we were waiting on a member to work with us and we just looked up at the stars and moon. I was thinking about my faith and how crazy of a concept faith is. I was staring at the moon and thought... wow... people have been there. People have walked on the moon. I know that, it's easy for most people to believe.... so how is that any different than my faith in Jesus Christ. I didn't see the people walk on the moon but I have no doubt they did. My faith in Jesus Christ is much the same. It's weird being on a mission because you're past life kind of feels like a dream. Sometimes it's weird to think that I actually lived with the most incredible family on the earth, I have the most loyal and true best friends any one could ask for, I've listened to prophets and apostles preach, I've entered the house of the Lord multiple times, I've graduated from college... what? really? I don't's kind of hard to explain but it helped me put faith into perspective for me. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ is my, is our Savior. I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and I love Him, so very much. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I love reading it. It fills my soul with peace and hope. I just love the gospel, and I love being a missionary and seeing how it changes lives and families.

   Yes it's a baby bunny of a member. The kids are singing another language mom... I don't know haha they mix in English too but it's all out of tune. Most Filipinos including my companion are tone deaf haha, haha, sooooo I'm not always sure. No meat shop mom... that's in the middle of the market. Where nasty infested dogs and wild cats run around and I didn't take a picture of the dead lamb heads next to it.... I will save you the sight, hahaha.
   I am excited. During Christmas time I'm trying not to think about my family. Haha, this is my favorite time of the year with my family, but we are doing our best to just look outside of ourselves and spread the Gospel, the Good news to everyone.
   My stalker is gone. We have not moved yet- this week. And yes I think the elders are doing a little better. One of the elders in the my ward is a punk... love him;... but he keeps touching me and I might get sent home for "decking" him if he keeps it up.
   My ward is pretty good at fellowshipping. Please thank everyone for their prayers mom. I should get going but please Tell Dad, Francene, Beka, Samuel, Jess and Hadlie and Mary Kozy that I love them very much and Merry Christmas! Mom, you are so wonderful, thank you for always uplifting me. You are such a huge manifestation of God's Love for me. I know He is so proud of you. Please be safe and always remember I love you!!
   ALL My Love,
Sister Ralph

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