Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1 December 2013 - Miracles, Angels and Moving On

Sister Turtal and me

Helping members in the Tubo (sugar cane) fields.
 Ok again my letter will be short. I wrote down everything I wanted to talk about in my planner and like a stinker... I forgot my planner. I am so ridiculous sometimes. The work is still coming along slowly but progress is progress. Yes I am doing better. I just have been doing a lot of reflecting and pondering and really eating up the scriptures... and because (I KNOW this to be true) because of all of the prayers in my behalf I have been so strengthened. Honestly... it's a miracle. I have felt angels literally holding me up and on one occasion I felt so close to them that I could have a conversation with them. I know that God answers prayers and I am so grateful that He loves me. I think growing up I always knew I was incredibly blessed and I don't know why but I felt guilty for it. I felt bad and almost embarrassed that I had so much. I had no idea why I was so blessed and I guess that kind of bugged me,... weird I know. But this last week my perspective has changed so much. I will not be asking why any more. All I know, and I know with my whole heart, is that God WANTS to bless me and all of us and if we are obedient and put Him first--- He will. So right now I say "BRING ON THE BLESSINGS" I will take everything I can get.

A little "cane fight"... of course I won!
   So I have learned so much this week. So much! Everyone thought I was this quiet person at first because my personality at first... I just like to observe before my personality comes out. Well it came out a number of times this week and ahh!! Work really is the answer... loving people is the answer. I love the ward and am excited to get to know them. My ward missionary leader and my Branch President and I joke all the time and the kids are so much fun! We have a few investigators and three of them came to church. Mark and Kurt who are 9 and 13 and they are the most adorable little boys. They love the church and even go to seminary even though they are young. The other is Sister Jhona and she does not quite understand our message yet but came to church and was fellow-shipped. We are confident she will come to understand and feel the Love of the Lord for her with time.
   Honestly... I really felt like the angels were Nathan and Danielle. It was so wonderful Mom...

   We have been doing lots of FHE's this week and still trying to figure out our area. Its been an adventure.

Eating Halo halo.

Burning sugar cane fields....

Your questions....
Hahaha, they burn the sugar cane fields. It's always like that here,...always smoky. The dress???...someone donated the dress... I got it when I was at the MTC.  

   My companion does not understand all my English so the first week was kind of rough but I am a HUGE fan of communication and so we are doing really good. It was so nice to hear her express her love for me the other day.... I don't know why it's in my head that most people don't like me or I'm hard to love but it was such a blessing and comfort to hear. We are learning a lot and doing our best.

Heavenly Father has blessed me so much with companions that are just so lovable (= There He goes again.. blessing me like crazy!

   I am so, so grateful to my Father in Heaven for having such incredible servants of the Lord as my parents. Thank you for your love and examples. 

 ALL My Love,
Sister Ralph

Smoky all the time...

Sugar cane fields ready to burn.
Ward Mission Leader with the missionaries... ;-)

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