Monday, September 15, 2014

14 September 2014 -- Short and Sweaty

Sr Vea, myself and Sr. Dumas
This is me with my STL's last transfer Sister Dumas and Sister Vea. STL's are like zone leaders kind of but only for sisters. They are not going home, Sister Dumas just transferred. I love them both. I look like a freaky AVATAR in this picture but it's the only one I have with them. 

    AH! Mom, thank you so much for telling me about Samuel. Haha I'm crying... haha that makes me so happy. I was actually thinking a lot about Samuel this week and how special he is. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I worry about him a lot. Does he have friends at school? I have thought a lot about volunteering at Cedar Heights and seeing if I can be there for him a little. Just thoughts though. I want to help you when I show up. I got news for the travels. 

    I have to send a picture of this frog because it's part of my companion's and my relationship, haha. We pass him every single time we go to Luna and it just looks so ridiculous we always just die of laughter. The guy, his name is Elmer, He is amazing. We have only taught him once due to his work but he has come to church by himself for over a month now. I just randomly met him on the street one time and he wanted to come to church. We are working on teaching him. Love him!
    I do not have much at all to write this week in terms of update.
Elmer and our frog.

    Tuesday was OK until night time came and for the first time since the storm I saw another dead person. He was walking along the road and it was a hit and run. His body was so mangled and I was sitting in the outside of the tricycle and we drove literally right by his body. Come to find out later it was actually a woman. It took a little time for me to recover from that but prayer does miracles.
    We taught a new family this week. They were good but I was a little scared. The dad told us that he does witchcraft. Obviously he did not say it like that but... he talked to us about the spirit and how he casts out spirits and he was SWEATIng like crazy and he told us it was because of the spirit. A lady came with money while we were teaching and it was obvious the reason she was there though they did not say anything. It was a moment of awkward silence when we were trying to get to know her, hahaha, but turns out she stayed and listened and is really interested in our message. Brother's little boy was kind of being noisy during the lesson and he kept closing his eyes and reaching out his hand over his sons head.... CREEPED me out! But we are going back because he wants to learn more and who knows what could happen. But we are only going back there in the day time, ha ha.

    This week we got punted A LOT, a lot.... meaning we went to people's houses and they were not there or busy or sleeping or...whatever reason we could not teach them. I have a feeling Satan is working really hard to get me discouraged right before I go home but there is NO way I'm letting him in. I wish we were having more success than we are BUT I still LOVE being a missionary and I love the work and the people and my companion and most importantly I love Who I represent. So we continue and pour out our hearts and leave the rest to the Lord.
    Mom, I am sorry I did not write much. I have more pictures to send but the computer is not working. So next week will have to do. Really sorry
    I'm talking to the mission secretary now. She said you are supposed to receive an email and me too so one second. Mom... did you tell Bishop that I want a topic for my talk? I checked the flight plans and they have me with all the other sisters going from Los Angeles CA and then to SLC. So I texted the secretary and she said YEP that's what it says and she thanked me for catching the mistake and she is working on changing it so I will come home TO WASHINGTON! But at least we have an idea for the time. (=
    I love you, mom. Keep your eyes open for a email from our secretary about my flight plans. At least we now know it will be OCT 23 that I will BE home.
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Take care. Be safe!

Sister Sarah Ralph

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