Monday, July 28, 2014

27 July 2014 -- Happy Birthday Samuel!

 I'm good. I've had a small cough and runny nose the whole week but I feel good. The weather is rain and rain and rain which is making work a challenge but what would missionary work be without that? YOU SAW Simone and Shermena??? Oh I miss them! How are they doing?
   I ripped AS IN RIPPED straight through my leather and only shoes due to walking in the mud for a good two miles, haha, and I know I'm not going to get any better because my feet are ALWAYS wet. I still wear them, haha, I have no choice. I'm going to attempt to sew them later but.... it's going to look ... fantastic.
2 transfers left... I am NOT buying new shoes now, haha. They still work, they just have a big hole in the front side. I will try the dental floss if I can get a GIANT needle, haha. I have no idea where but we will see.   I will take a picture and send it next week of my shoe.
   What are the plans for Samuel's birthday?? It's his birthday TODAY in the Philippines so HAPPPPPPPYYYYY Birthday Samuel! Love you to pieces! Jess said this reunion is turning into a really big deal and it wasn't supposed to be at first, haha Oh I love our family. What game are you playing? Hand and foot? I'm so excited to play that. 
This pig just gave birth the night before. This little boy is names Jacob and he is the oldest son of one of our new investigators. He has a behavioral problem but look at how sweet he is. He likes to play with the pigs ears.

 These are some part member kids that we have been teaching. 
   Samuel-- I saw this (the Lakers jersey in the first pix) and thought of you and I could not resist. I am so grateful you are my little brother. I think about you every day and remember when you were little and there was nothing else in the world that made me happier than holding you. You would wear that adorable little green onsie with the dog on in and we all knew there was nothing cuter in the entire world. Now you are growing up and remain to be a light and joy to your family. I hope you know how much we love you and treasure you! Thank you for being a part of my life! I hope you have an amazing Birthday!! I'm singing for you half way around the world.
   WOW! You had your birthday interview with the bishop. That's awesome Samuel- how did it go?
   So mom, another week with not a whole TON to report. The rain has really been making it difficult to get around and people do not come to church when it rains so..... yea BUT regardless we are happy and preparing for this week. We were able to do a few CSP's this week which was a lot of fun- we tore down a few walls and cleaned up. Me and my companion decided this last week we really, really wanted a family to teach. And Heavenly Father was SO kind to us and answered our prayer with a cherry on top. We were just walking along one day, barely got out of an appointment and this guy, without a shirt on, said "Do you know Sister Campbell?"(in Visaya) and we stopped and talked to him and he told us how he had met her in Biliran a while ago and he still had the Book of Mormon that he Loved. He let us in and we talked to him and his whole family and they were receptive! The Quijano family! WOW! I love my life soooo much! We continued on teaching our other appointments and met another family, the Rojas family who- the sister was taught 3 lessons by elders a long time ago- but she remembered and asked us for another Book of Mormon. She wants to take it slow but is SOO very willing and hungrying after the gospel! WOW! blessings! I love my life sooo much! Who says there isn't a God? I just got full proof that there is a God and He loves me and answers my prayers! Believing is Seeing!
This is Sister Campbell, she is my sister training leader and my house mate.
I love her so much! She is going home today!!! AHH!!

   We got a call from the AP and I will be training again. My THIRD ANAK!! WOOT WOOT! so that will be the news for this coming week. Pray for me please!
      She is transferring (my comp) yes but not till Thursday.
   This last Thursday I went to Tacloban to get training from President Maurer- it was for all the trainers. I was the only one who would be training for their third time and it made me feel SUPER OLD! AH! Lagas ko! But we talked about the angel Moroni and his interactions with Joseph Smith, to apply to how we should be training. I got some really good insights and am excited in a nervous kind of way. I was told that Jodee Newton (who was in the MTC with me and went home) is coming in this batch... that would be crazy if I got to train her. It's weird knowing that I will die in my area where I am now. It will be the longest I will ever be in an area for my whole mission.    Exciting news again is actually the same with Brother Panciano. He was the recent convert that went less active and is coming back. Its amazing to watch his attitude, his appearance change. He comes to all the activities and even told his boss this week that he could not work on Sundays. He comes early to church and wore a white polo for the first time. You should have seen his face when one of the Elders gave him a tie... he was glowing! I love missionary work!  The training was short and sweet, but good reminders. Its so weird to see just how different President Andaya and President Maurer are but we love them both.
   I am blessed. When you train normally you train them for 12 weeks in the same area. So yes I know I'm staying here. The only reason I've been in so many areas was because there were soooo many PASAWAY or BAD trainers or missionaries... things had to get moved around. But that's not normal.
   Sorry mom .... that's about all I got for you . I'm so lame, haha.
Michelle finally emailed me. That was sweet of her. It's nice hearing from family every once in a while. (I mean outside my immediate family) Basta, I will let you all get back to your FAMILY GAME...,. prepare yourselves for when I come home.... you are going to need to warm up (;

Can anyone find me in this picture? haha.

    Sister Ralph

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