Wednesday, July 16, 2014

13 June 2014 - Ormoc

Mom you wanted the Philippines.... here it is from Ormoc. Just imagine how beautiful it would have been before the storm Raged through this place. It's super hot and sunny but the rain comes in seconds and leaves in seconds.
These are the areas that we work in everyday. I love all of them.

      This week was eventful and yet not at the same time, haha. I got to go on exchanges with my STL Sister Campbell and learned so much from her. She helped me so much!
    So this week we were teaching one of our investigators. It's actually a beautiful couple (Abad), who has so much potential, and we are excited for them. Our goal is baptism on Aug 9. We left their house and walked about 15 feet and saw their neighbor outside. We went and talked to her and it started to rain and so she let us into her house. We met her daughter and husband. I loved this family from the moment we sat down and started talking. They said they had no problem with letting us share. Even though they are very Catholic they are not like other families that won't listen to others faiths. So that got me excited! We began at the beginning with the Godhead and wanted to be clear that they are 3 separate individuals. Many Catholics listen to us say that, but do not understand that its legitimately 3, not one but really three. We continued with how the gospel will bless their families.... Apostasy, Joseph Smith and cannot describe to you the power that I felt. Everything we taught...we were given the words. The message could not have been made more clear- I have zero doubt of this. It was eating inside me how the spirit burned and I knew they were feeling it. Our message came to the end and Sister replied..... I was born Catholic and we are Catholic. My heart shattered. I knew she felt it. I knew she could see the truth, maybe not perfectly clear but there was no mistake, no confusion. My love for this family and their lack of understanding left me in tears. I had never met this family in my life but my heart literally ... ahh... what a sweet reminder. It's true. This work does not get any easier, but better. I am grateful to be a servant for the Lord and to have the smallest taste of how He feels when we turn from truth. I know beyond my ability to explain that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the atonement is available to all who will come and partake.
This is a Filipino flower but I forgot what it is called. 
These are just a few tender mercies and things I will miss. 
    The work is coming along. Our teaching pool is increasing every week through getting referrals which is a miracle. We are having LA's come back to church too. I still get super lost in the city but our other areas are wonderful!  OH.,, I did get my first door slammed in my face this week. It was not a good feeling. I seriously had to take a minute to recover, hahahha, sounds pathetic to you but this is the PHILIPPINES! That doesn't happen. But at least I can say I experienced it. 

   The triplets.... ok. I went back once since our first visit and brought a snack and we are going to FHE with them tonight. we will see what happens.
This random picture with the egg shells.... that's SOOOOO Filipino. They put random egg shells on their pots and things outside their houses... just for design, hahah. Oh how I love the Philippines (=
 Hahaha, I actually bought cardigans here- 4.... because I bought 5 for less than 10 dollars. And I love them all. So I am so glad I'm coming back when it gets cold. Mom I don't need clothes! Don't spend any money on that. I will need plenty of other things.. AHH!! So much for not thinking about the future, hahaha. 
Philippines yet again.
Yes that is a bunch of turkeys hanging out in a bush.
They were creepy.
I thought they were going to attack me
when I took their picture, haha. Oh the things you see.
   Haha, ohhh, how I love you and daddy. I'm glad you are so attached and miss each other. I hope that I can find someone like that too, I'm trying not to think about that though.
Mom... how do you feel about that... I mean the importance of a mission vs. the after mission life?
    Thank you mom for sharing. My problem... in my head right now is just that I really want to be a mom so bad. Over and over and over again they keep telling me that this will be the best time of my life and that this is the most important thing in the world,... don't misunderstand, I LOVE this work so much! I love being here and serving. But I would still rather be with my kids teaching them in my own home. AH!
Dad, mom says she loves and misses you and HI! Haha, I'm slightly confused how both of you are talking to me on the same account.
   Mom, that's what scares me. My p blessing says choose carefully. Its so almost unbelievable to imagine there is someone who will look PAST what they SEE and love me for ME AND THEN want the same things I want. Someone who will support and love me, that for dates I will want to read scriptures and serve people rather than go to a restaurant or spend money at the bowling alley. Someone at the same time who measures up to my family and who is better than what I've dated in the past. It just ,.... it's hard not to think about it slightly because I have such little time left, my house mate is going home in 20 days and I'm older than most of these girls. I've been in the race before. BLAH!  
  Go take care of my Pops! I will try to write more next week mom. Sorry that for some reason the writing has gotten so much shorter. I'm trying my best though...I'm learning how to repent a little better each day. Thank you for your love and example. I love you, take care! BE SAFE!
Sister Sarah Ralph

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