Monday, January 27, 2014

26 January 2014

Alright let me tell you about my week...
   Last Monday was hilarious. We went shopping in the market and ended up playing "hide and go seek" with this old beggar who has a crush on me. It sounds terrible... but you should have seen us dodging behind boxes and everybody in the whole market laughing and telling us where to go. It was soo funny.
   I went on exchanges for the first time and learned a lot. The area that I went to is called Sagay. Its super different from my area. Tiny, but the houses are packed in. I was really impressed with the commitment each of their investigators had to read the Book of Mormon. The area that I went to is actually Ilango area, so they don't speak Cebuano.... haha but they understand. Surprisingly I mostly understood a lot of what they said. (=
   Man this week was amazing! During the week was actually pretty rough for me and my companion, we were not sure why but both of us felt this weight that we could not explain, But by the end of the week we had taught more lessons and received more referrals than any previous week. It was incredible to see! Oh man! Sunday was the most incredible day, well actually mixed emotions... ok I will explain.
   So the lady that had breast cancer that I sang to a few weeks ago passed away Sunday morning. I was told that her family was surrounding her and they were all singing Families Can Be Together Forever and before the end of the song she passed through the veil. So Sunday morning was quite somber and reverent. She is a wonderful woman and left behind so many people that love her and are excited to be with her again. Thankfully, they are sealed so they take comfort in that fact.

   Come time for church though, I was crying for happiness. So many of the Less-Actives we are teaching or were only able to visit for this and that reason came to church. One woman, in particular, came that has not come for years. She is INCREDIBLY wealthy and will not let us teach her or the elders- so its been slightly frustrating. But SHE CAME with her KIDS!!! AHH! I seriously cried when I saw her walk in. We had 3 baptisms on Saturday- Chris, Jerico and Julisa. They are incredible! They have come soo far. Chris is pure Bishop material. He is a leader and a missionary. He invites everyone to listen to the missionaries. Julisa loves the gospel- she always takes notes when we teach and reads the Book of Mormon like crazy. Jerico has come sooooo far! He would not talk at all before. But he talks, he prays AND he bore his testimony. WOW! Blessings are being poured out, we are soo happy. 

   We have new investigators that came to church! and they are ADULTS!! haha not just kids. These people are so humble and eager to learn. Sister Angelina asks great questions and Sister Ann Gin just could not stop ranting about the good feeling she had when she was at the church yesterday. We FINALLY (= got a referral from a member (first one) and they referred a couple!!! YES!! We have been praying to find Melchezidek (potential) full tithe payers and our prayers are being answered! I love Heavenly Father soo much! He is so merciful.
   I hit my 9 month mark..... can you believe that?? I am going downhill from now on... ahhh!! That's insane! Time is flying! I learned a powerful lesson this week through my personal study and prayer. Gratitude and work is always the answer. ... haha that's it. I can't explain much more than that, it's just what I have come to learn for myself this week.
   Yes,, half way. Crazy huh? Life is so weird. I really wish people would stop talking about me getting married... it's so distracting!! Everyone wants me to marry their son... and if not their son... their grandson. It's slightly ridiculous.
From my surprise birthday party.
   I'm late writing because of a brown out. It means that there is not any electricity. It happens on a regular basis here. Next transfer is beginning of March. Thank you for the pictures and Mom seriously the package was perfect! You are the best mom in the world!!!! I mean that! Tell everyone I love them, and take care of yourself.
All My Love,
   Sister Ralph
Thanks for the package. I opened the chocolate lid and it had definitely been opened already so I laughed.

We ate it for breakfast anyways, hahahah.

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