Monday, January 13, 2014

12 January 2014 -- Birthday Week for Sarah

    THERE has been a lot of news about missionaries going back to Tacloban but I am still not sure.
I want to go where ever I am assigned. I don't want to have to choose.
   We are meeting with a new investigator this week. We had taught her before but then had to stop because her husband said "no"-- that happens a lot. But we started teaching her again and the first time we asked her to come to church she said she didn't have a skirt. So I took off mine and let her try it on. It was a little big but it would work, so I took it home to clean it so she could feel comfortable going to church. Sorry I'm going to stop upper-casing cause this computer is broken. Any way she agreed to be baptized on Feb 8th and we are sooo excited for her. She listens so well and is so humble.
 The one in the left likes the church and the BOOK OF MORMON. She is a cousin. Our focus was on Sister Grace in the middle and the little girl still lives here. She is their neighbor.

   The Cordova family is those girls in the pix. They are from Manila. So they left. Kill me, I know . But they came to church and the sister holding the Book of Mormon cried like the whole time and almost got up and bore her testimony. We taught them again one last time after church and she said she was 100% IN and loves it and wants to be an example to her family so they will join -- sooooo success but... I WILL for sure be following up with the missionaries in her area. She is golden. I love her to death.
   There is a lady in our ward dying of breast cancer (common also) and one night we were working in the area where she lives. Sister T ended up needing to use the restroom so we went to their house (I PERSONALLY believe this was also the spirit guiding us) normally the mother does not see visitors, but her daughter told us that she wanted to see us, so we went in...and Sister T and she just talked and cried. I did not understand a lot of what was said. And for some reason I couldn't cry which is soo unlike me. But then as the conversation was coming to a close I got this strong impression that I needed to sing I Stand All Amazed. So I did. What a miracle... I then knew why despite the way I was feeling inside, there were no tears. Because I can't sing and cry at the same time. WHAT a simple but beautiful blessing and miracle. The spirit flooded the room and there was this peace that just rested, even as we left the room. She is so strong and such an example to me and her family.  
 This is a little boy in an area we have lots of investigators. 
   Believe it or not... I'M COLD. I don't sleep with a fan. It's like 80 degrees out and I HAVE GOOSE BUMPS... twisted. It rains and pours and rains. Welcome to rainy season. It makes hiking to our investigators a real adventure. Sometimes we aren't able to due to how muddy and dangerous it is. 

   Well our investigators are progressing and we are soooo happy! They love the gospel and in all of them we can see future bishops and relief society presidents and dedicated servants of the Lord. We are soo happy.
   Jeriko is the brother of one of our recent converts who was supposed to be baptized but wouldn't talk to us. AND HE SPOKE! MIRACLE! He spoke and answered questions too and will be baptized on the 25th. We are soooo happy (=
   We found two families this week as well (man are we spoiled). I know our Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us and He answers our prayers. I know that only with the spirit can we be successful. I love and appreciate and treasure opportunities to repent and be better. What a precious gift we have. I am grateful that even though we may read the Book of Mormon time and time again... each time we are uplifted, guided, edified and directed. It truly is the word of God. I love being a missionary. There is so much to learn. I love my family and pray for your happiness and safety daily.
    I HAVE TO GO. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! Thank you for your help and for being there. Stay safe and healthy. Love you to pieces. I LOVE YOU ALL

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