Sunday, November 17, 2013

17 November 2013 - Reassigned to the Philippines Bacolod Mission

   Hey Mom and Dad I am here in Bacolod at the mission presidents house and they wanted us to email you and tell you to look at their facebook for pix or something like that... Im honestly not exactly sure. But.. oh they want you to add my president- Marlo Oliveros Lopez.
   This place is beautiful and I am excited. I will be learning Cebuano and Ilanggo and I am really excited. The president has about 270 missionaries so he is organized talaga. I do not think we are emailing tomorrow. We are having orientations tomorrow. I am having an interview with the president in about an hour or so and so I think I will ask him for a blessing. He has a son at BYU. I am doing good from what I can tell hahaha and am excited to get back into the flow of missionary work- pray its a fairly smooth transition. Thank you for your love and support. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Take pictures for me please.

All My Love,
Sister Ralph

Elder Panganiban! One of my favorite Philippinos who is going to a different area than me )=

The pix with the older man is Elder Ardern. He is the area 70 that risked his life for us and flew into Tacloban and was there until each of us were out and safe. He is a hero. He is the one who called my family.
This is me and my companion and my AP's that I love to death. They are both going home rather than being transferred to a temporary area.

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