Sunday, November 3, 2013

3 November 2013 - All Saints Day Holiday

So this week was fairly normal- I played basketball last p-day and am still called a boy, but I enjoyed myself. Lots and lots of puntedness this week, meaning that we did not teach nearly as many lessons as we would have liked because people were gone, there were holidays, etc. Here there is no Halloween but all of the Catholics on November 1st and 2nd travel forever to the graves of their relatives who have passed and they light a candle there. Lots of families put up tents and party and drink and go crazy around the tombs of their relatives. Haha, we were not allowed to work during that time so I didn't get to see a whole lot. So we started teaching Raul again at his own house which is a step in the right direction for us but then we found out that he believes Christ only paid for His own sins in our last visit..... yeah not sure where we lost him on that but we have MUCH to discuss in our next visit. Sister Agreda is sooo good at just being patient with our investigators and so we are going to continue teaching him (=..
Raul and his grandson
   So we had to go to Tacloban this week to get our support and it was crazy getting back. It was like 5 o clock- right around when it starts getting dark and there were no more vans going back to Carigara but there were a ton of people. Everyone was desperate to get home -- My companion was running literally, chasing after vans to find a ride home. I just laughed because we all looked like a bunch of chickens running around. We had to pay twice the amount to get a ride home but we made it so we are grateful.
   Mary Pierce, she is the one sleeping in the picture. I love her! She got baptized this last February and is just a joy in my life here. We are getting so close because I've been bugging her and bugging her to work with us. We went on splits this last Saturday and she just has come so far from where she was not even a year ago. I pray for her to be strong despite the really hard family situation she has. She has helped me so much!
Mary Pierce, convert last February

   Jessica! Ahh!! LOVE HER! She is our new investigator and she is GOLDEN! She is getting baptized on November 20th!! AHH!!! She is 20 and just loves everything about the Gospel. She has incredible faith and is not just learning the gospel but applying it in every way she can. We are so excited for her!
   Leslie is our other investigator. Its taking a little but more time for her to come to church as she has two little babies and Philippines don't go out when it rains.... of course it rained this last Sunday. So we will continue to be patient and encourage her. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and every lesson we have had with her has been overflowing with the spirit so we are really happy about that. We are excited for her as well!
   I apologize for the fairly short uneventful email. I am learning so much but a lot of what I am learning are not things that I can express in an email. But I am grateful that I know that the Lord is in charge- not me. I am grateful He knows me better than I do. I am grateful He trusts me more than I would trust myself, haha. I love this Gospel so much! I am grateful for parents who raised me in such a way that it is a part of who I am. I am learning slowly how to study, how to others and the spirit. It's not as easy as it sounds.... practice, practice. I love my Savior and I know He lives and loves each of us. I love you all and hope you all are safe and well and Happy!
   All My Love,
Sister Ralph
My favorite little boy!!!

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