Monday, October 21, 2013

21 October 2013 - After the Earthquake

Alright so here goes my letter.
   So this week my companion and I have really been trying to improve our finding or OYM open your mouth skills. You might think its easier being a missionary and all but its really not, haha, at least not at first. We are practicing our one minute messages and just trying to talk to as many people as we can. We have four new investigators so we are excited about that.
   This Sunday was wonderful because after weeks and weeks, Leslie came to church!! Ahh!! We were sooo happy!!! Ahh! She is amazing, I love her to death and she just has such a beautiful spirit about her. The last few lessons with her have been really touching and the spirit is always there. We have her baptismal date in November!
   Regarding the earthquake, hahah, its amazing how my attitude towards things have changed since being here in the Philippines. I was doing studies with my companion when it happened and we just looked at each other like... is this what we think it is... it only took a few seconds to realize it was! Then we hurried to the other room to get the sisters especially Sister Webber because she was slightly freaking out. We just waited until after a few minutes it went away. There was no damage in our area, it was mostly in the Cebu area where a lot of my batch from the MTC is. The only news I know of is that a HUGE catholic church there got demolished, but I do not know more than that. The power was out here for the day, but past that we just continued life as we know it.

An eight year old girl who was baptized in the ward. I love her family...

Going on splits with ward members.

   We had zone training this week which is always good. It was all focused on being obedient and so I am grateful that my companion and I are obedient. President was pretty upset because he had to send home a missionary this last week. He was really, really heart broken about it. But I learned a lot and appreciated the chance to see a lot of the Sisters from the MTC. I will forever love those girls so much! They are amazing!
   Alright so this week was good, because we worked hard and I got to know my companion Sister Agreda a lot better. She is wonderful! I really feel like she is training me more than I am training her. She is so understanding and fun! We love being companions and we have some really random things in common that makes life that much more fun! She is very courageous and helps me, as I am still struggling with that whole confidence thing. She is a huge help. Why am I so stinking blessed? I am so grateful.
   There is also a baby missionary, Sister Webber in our apt and its really entertaining and a learning experience for me to see how she is handling the adjustment. It definitely brings back some great memories and I realize how much I have learned. I take for granted that I know what to buy when I go to the mercado, what is a good price, what brands are good and not good, am I supposed to wash my clothes like this or with soap now or what?
Washing clothes...
 Am I allowed to say this, should I have waved at him? How do you say this? Questions always questions and I just love it. The mission is just an incredible experience. Its kind of like a mini life. I am so grateful that I am here. So grateful for the Atonement and for a Father in Heaven who Loves me. I Never really ponder that thought before my mission. But I really do know that I have a Father in Heaven and He is always looking out for me, He is in control and that is such a comfort to me. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it brings hope to life. I love you all and am so grateful for each of you! Please be safe!
All My Love,
Sister Ralph

PS - This morning I went with the Elders. We hunted Rat and then we cook it and eat it!! Crazy huh! Actually we could not find any rats, so next week we will try again. I'm kind of excited!


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