Monday, October 14, 2013

13 October 2013 - TRANSFERS

From my old area.... Good to see old friends.
Alright here I go... I am going to summarize this email if that is ok. The summary is... I’M TRAINING! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!
    Sister Sousa and I spent 6 blissful weeks together and now she is transferred and I am here with my new companion Sister Agreda. She is a sweetheart and speaks Cebuano. 
Sr. Agreda standing on a bench.

So we are going to learn Waray Waray together. Philippinas obviously pick up the language wayyyyy faster so I am excited. She knows English and she is teaching me Cebuano too. She knows like 5 languages, her native language is Ilakano. Way cool language. Balango is where she is from. My companion is not my height, in the pictures she is standing on a bench. She loves the Lord and we both want to work hard, so I am excited to see what happens. I have to admit, the first day... man! I could tell the devil was working soo soo hard on me. My thoughts were soo......Not good. No more Sister Sousa, Sister Ralph you have no idea what you are doing, you are not ready for this, she should be training you... etc etc....
Sr. Sousa and me at the market

Changes in companions....

    But it’s ok, I only let that happen for part of the morning and then I just kicked it. I have learned and feel with all my heart that God really does have a plan for each of us. He is in charge and we have to trust that plan. Yes, pain and suffering and tears are sometimes PART of that plan for you. But its divine and it is for our good. So I am excited, no more easy roads. I am just going to pray really hard and remember to be thankful for everything. I am soo soo blessed. My life is ridiculously blessed. It’s almost scary.

    General conference was this weekend for us. I loved general conference, but it was quite different from home for sure. Lots of people talking and kids screaming and so it was kind of hard to concentrate, but I can’t wait to read them! I really appreciated Holland's talk and boy did I feel the need to OPEN MY MOUTH! AHH! Kill me! That is something that I am just going to own this transfer! Meaning... right now I am not super good at it, but we are going to be experts by the end of this transfers. I feel very strongly that the Lord wants us to do this.
    I apologize there is not much more to report. I had to travel to Tacloban to get my companion and be trained a tiny bit so our work this week is tiny. But we did get to teach Sister Leslie and she is wonderful, the picture of the lady laying on the table with the baby... that is her. I love her sooo soo much! She is progressing, asks amazing questions about the Book of Mormon.

Investigator Leslie with Sr. Sousa and Sr. Ralph
    I have to go now! But I love you all and thank you for writing me!! Mom, please give Jess a giant hug for me, tell her she is beautiful and that she can do this! I am so proud of you all and so grateful! Please be safe!

ALL My Love,
Sister Ralph

At the mall with KFC..... yum

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