Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 May 2013 - Preparing to Leave

Hey Dad!

It was really good to hear from you. I am glad that you enjoyed the little "skunkers" you and more are such incredible troopers. Thank you for the update... it was really hard to read, but I am grateful I can know about things that happen at home. I would feel terrible not being able to contribute my prayers on all of your behalf's. I will do my best to stay focused. I honestly am not surprised something happened because for the past two weeks mother has been on my mind constantly. Just what an incredible example, and spiritual giant she is and everyone here that has a relationship with me knows that I love my parents so incredibly much. I talk about you both all the time, but thank you for your example of faith. You both mean the world to me. Please recover quickly. Thank you Dad for being a worthy priesthood holder. Thank you so much.

OK.. I will try to share a little bit about this week, it will be short though because a few of my other siblings finally emailed me so I would like to talk to them a little bit as well. I leave SLC airport at 11:13. I arrive in San Fransico at 12:17 and get on a plane for Tokyo at 1;05. I arrive at Tokyo at 440 PM the following day.  Then leave Tokyo at 6:25PM. Arrive in Manila Philippines at 10:00PM and I believe we stay there for a night before taking a small plane to Tacloban. I would like to call and speak with my family sooo... if anyone could reply to this email with when would be best to call and what number to call at I would appreciate it.

This week was not too eventful. Less teaching than normal. I am learning how to just do what I can with what I have. My companion and I are very different, but in many ways we compliment each other. I appreciate the constant focus on the Savior that is here in the MTC. I am reminded that no matter anyone's decisions and actions, I can only control myself and I am the only one who allows others to affect me. It is my choice. I am learning to love even when I lack a desire. I have realized a number of the things in my patriarchal blessing are coming to pass now and I am sure they will continue to, but I am so grateful for my patriarchal blessing. I don't know why or how, but I feel like I have this ability to really understand the hearts of the people I serve. It is not always for my investigators, but for the girls in my district. I just feel like I can feel what they are feeling and its such a blessing because I feel the spirit guiding me in how to comfort, but man... its kind of scary. I am also learning and practicing the principle of communication. I have always said that I am a confrontational person and its been in a negative light. But I have learned that Jesus Christ is confrontational, powerful and humble. I really appreciate this because as i have tried to humble myself and apologize even when I dont feel it is deserved, or open my mouth to care for others, even when I am scared and uncomfortable... the spirit increases in my life. I feel like I can move mountains and do whatever is asked of me.

I have had multiple experiences this week where I have started my study with a question and have found the direct answer during my study and I know that I was directed by the spirit (as is my Mother when she gives me advice for what to study).

I was so scared about going to the Philippines last week... all I could think about was worms and more worms and everything having worms. As I have realized that my Sisters in my district look to me in everything I have been able to change my attitude. This is where the Lord wants me and worms or not, psycho monkeys, no toilets, no sanitation, bugs and rats and bugs or NOT... I am excited to go where he wants me to Go and be led by the spirit. I love this gospel and I love missionary work! I am so grateful for eternal families, the power of the priesthood and my Savior Jesus Christ who enables us to become more.

Love Forever,

Sister Sarah Ralph

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