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9 May 2013 MTC News

Ok I have very little time so I am going to try and rip through this.
I am so sorry you did not get my last email. I dont know what happened but it was huge so let me know if you got it this time or not. I am alive though.
My district is very small there are only 6 girls. We are all going to the same place and two girls in another district are as well. We have heard from a member of the seventy- I will talk more about him in a bit.

Good luck getting the house ready for that couple! I am sure the place looks great and even if it doesn't look perfectly organized to you that couple should be so grateful that they get to live in a house where the spirit is constant and powerful. I realized this week that so many missionaries are mentioning how they love being in the MTC because the spirit it here. I am finding however that the spirit they are referring to is the same spirit I felt all the time growing up in my house. Thank you mom and dad, you both are fantastic!! The spirit is powerful here, I am not denying that at all. It is wonderful!
A Kiwi board? You can grow Kiwi in WA? since when? That is awesome! Ok I have no idea what a trellis is... please explain. You bid on Brother Hanis's financial package? What does that mean? What is it exactly? Are the young men actually coming to pick weeds? You said you bid but you never said if you won lol. Mom... you only ate vegetables and stawberries on your birthday??? What the heck! There is nothing natural about that. I admire your diligence, but do not envy you in that at all.
Yea!! Samuel gets braces... that will be a pain, but will be so worth it! You can do it Samuel! Remember to brush! Oh Cedar Heights....I do not miss that school, but Samuel that will be so crazy! I wish I could be there with you at school and show you the ropes. You get to be a wolf!! Woot Woot! I love you Bud! Makeekoookoo!!
Mother I just barely got the package you sent and they fit and I appreciate them very much. They are the same as the sports one's that I have so they will work great! you are wonderful! I apologize for the ridiculous price )= . Umm... I would love my blessing but I dont know if it would be easier for me to just order one on line. They have a place here that I can shrink my blessing... my sisters are waiting for me to get one before we all do that together. What do you think would be the best way to go about that? just for me to order one?

I would love photos! That would be fantastic! They are so fun to show to my kauban.

Ok last thursday was P-day and it was nice to finally write a few people and just breathe in the temple. It was still super busy though. I spent almost that whole hour I have to write you that email.. which breaks my heart you didnt get it.

The next day I just had a really wonderful experience where I was able to recognize and identify the spirit and it was a really powerful stepping stone for me.
The next day I got Jessica's cupcakes! I WAS RIGHT!!MUAHAHA!! I knew it was a girl! I am so excited! I wish I could be there, but everything will just be a fantastic experience I am sure. I screamed when I saw it and got soem serious funny looks, but I feel good about it... SHE'S A GIRL! mom... youre gonna have to accept Hadley.
Sunday night devotional we had Chad Lewis come and talk to us. He talks just like a black man. He gave a giant pep talk about not giving up and just being the awesome missionary that you possibly can be. That night I watched the talk by Bednar " Character of Christ"... incredible. Talk about a slap in the face, humbling chastisement. I learned a lot and am trying to apply the principles taught into my life and would recommend it to anyone.
The following night I fell asleep for a bit! Yipee!!!! But then had a dream that samuel was run over by a car .. and then I was in a store picking out dresses with Liz that looks more like Pj's and they didnt allow you to move your shoulders but we slid into the store on this giant tarp slip and slide that had Lord of the Rings characters on it and then it switched back and I had to watch samuel get run over by a van and I ran to him and his arm was amputed and legs and face were mauled... but he was trying so hard to be happy still while lying there on the ground. I decided after that that maybe its ok I dont sleep.
A few days ago it was thundering and lightning and Brother Pasikala took us out side and we learned a new grammar concept in the crazy weather- so fun!
After we all had to write to our Branch President, he showed up that night and wanted to talk to me and my companion. The devotional that night was by the member of the 70 and he hit the law of chastity hard and clear. It was pretty powerful.
But after the devotional, the president called me and my companion in and talked to us and then talked to us one on one. I won't share what he talked about in detail about my companion but after talking to him I felt so good and the spirit was just so strong so I thought it might be ok to share some of these...
He said that he needed me here and he needed me for my specific companion and no one else would be able to help her in the way that I can. He said that he wants me to know that I am doing a great job and really appreciates all I am doing. He said that I have a presence about me ... but I am not really sure what that means and that I have blossomed. He counseled me to remember that I have high expectations for myself and that is good as long as I realize that I can not hold others to that same bar. He said that I need to remember to be patient with my companion and miracles will and already have happened in our time in the MTC.
The next day it ended up being that one of the six sisters in my district went home. That devotional hit home for her and she decided to have the courage to do something about it. So there are 5 of us and things are coming along. I love my Sisters and get closer and closer everyday. I am learning so much! I have a testimony of the mantel that each missionary has and the power that teachers are blessed with in the classroom (especially because I spent the last 3 years of my life seeing how they really are outside of the classroom- not bad, just not like in the classroom lol). but they really do have the spirit and I appreciate them so much!
I am sorry this letter is not as exciting as you would like. We do a lot of the same things. Lots of the same miracles happen every day and continual learning and looking outward is the goal of every minute of every day. I love you all very much and am grateful for the examples of love in my life.
Mom... I did receive Sister Rowley's letter. I was wondering if you would be able to take a look at my grades for curiousity sake. username: smralph. Password: volleyball10. Also could you just to make sure my deferment went through and I am still allowed to come back to BYU when I get back.. just to ease my mind a little more.

I am going to start the letter to the ward today. I am sorry I am so behind on that... life is pretty packed. Also..I didnt realize this but I am terrible at setting goals.
Mom! I love you!
I trust you will edit the content of this email as you see fit. But I would appreciate if someone would contact Melissa and let me have her contact info. And jackie and Benjamin! Please!
Thank you so much!! I love you so so so so much!
Sister Sarah Ralph

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