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19 October 2014 - Last emails from Tacloban Philippines Mission

I took more pictures this week than I have in the whole last transfer so I will only send a few and little words...
This is the ladies in the market where we buy our vegetables.
These are my FAVORITE people, they work in the meat shop at Gaizanos and we are great friends, I literally cried when I had to say 'bye to them. It would be the same as us being attached to Walmart workers in America. They are the BEST PEOPLE EVER!
FHE with Medalle family and investigators. I love them so much!
Danica and me! She is a sweetheart that is really interested in the Gospel and comes to church. Love her!
FHE with Tunada family-recent converts and Nildie and the Rafael family recent converts too. ALL people I love, love sooooo much!
I can't remember this guy's name but he is the definition of what it means to be a Filipino--- at least for me. Nothing stops that smile. (=

My Last time in Luna where the people are so sweet and receptive and happy. I love Luna! Yes Luna is part of my area. 
Brother Rafael and his two sweet daughters that I will miss so much!
This family makes me so happy!
This is Johanna. The little one next to me. We have been teaching her for a long time but she has not been baptized yet because we want and need her dad to be active in the church before so. Prayer,Prayer, prayer!
This is the Salidaga family. I LOVE THEM so much! Sister is the humblest sweetest wife who has been through so much and Ariel, the older looking one reminds me of Captain Moroni even though he is quiet. He is going to be such an amazing missionary. And his little brother- the sweetheart, will fall in his footsteps (= I love this family.
This is Kim Linggo and her family. She was one of two of our baptisms this week!! It was such a beautiful service. This has been a long awaited day for her and we were privileged to be a part of it.
Marianne is the second. AH! They showed up quite late and so that's why the picture is dark, haha. BUT they made it and she bore a heart felt testimony that put us to tears because normally we have to pull teeth to get her to speak at all. AHH! BLESSINGS!
I am the most blessed person on the face of the earth. After our baptism I was thrown a Farewell party by the members and this is me sitting in the front of everyone with a bunch of crazy sweet kids trying to not cry as members stood up and said what they wanted to me. Of course I cried.... I had no idea about some of the sweet things they said and I was so touched. I love ORMOC! AND!!!!!!!! Carigara!
... OK, this is going to take a second to explain. All of the missionaries going home got permission to go travel to a different area they had served in and to visit and teach the members and recent converts there that we had taught before. I was the only one that ended up not being able to. I wanted to go to Carigara but I could not find someone to go with me because my companion would need to stay and work. But at my farewell party I was SURPISED out of my Mind when my members and recent convert Jessica SHOWED UP! I literally was soooooooooo SOOOOO HAPPY! They came to me! I did not even tell them. It was my bishop. AH! YES. My heart is so full! I can't express how happy I am.
This is Mari Lou our progressing investigator. She has lots of concerns and trials in her life but she has a real desire to change and be better.
There are so many pictures here but I can't send them so I am sorry.
This is the last time I saw sister Nildie- Recent convert.
She will be a great leader for the church. 
Last FHE at Bishops house and with SOOOOO many of the people I love and people that have made my experience here in Ormoc terrific! I love these people and will miss them so much!
My amazing companion had everyone sign this shirt for me and Elder Azuela my batch did the design on the front. Our sisters at the house threw a party for me when we came home from my last day of work. I feel so loved!
No better way to celebrate on a Sunday than with Beer haha, haha, JOKE! I promise its Root beer and I regretted drinking it-- I forgot how much carbonation is in those things.
Sister Vea, Me, Sister Besiera, Sister Adasme... I love them!
My Bishop in the parade (the one in the middle). This is why I was late to get on today. I was having A BLAST watching the Tugob Parade. It was sooo much fun! The mayor gave me a hat and I am BURNT!!! Another wish of mine before I went home. Everything I have wanted I have gotten! I am so spoiled!
We had so much fun!
This is one of the street dancers that we saw in the parade... SOO much fun!
Well worth the sunburn.
Hahahahaha you wanted pictures right?  SAMUEL.... I love you!
I honestly have no idea what the parade was for, haha. But it was big and way fun. It's still going on but we have to go.
More dancers.
I know the hat is totally inappropriate but I was dying of heat and the mayor specially gave it to me. It seemed to make lots of people smile, haha, I don't even like hats. I look like a boy with them -sacrifice, haha.
haha cge. Thanks mom. I really do forget. My bishop told me he reads my blog right now.... TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! He is such an amazing man... he told me in his little speech to me at my farewell that he see's how much I love my mom and he hopes that his daughter will be just like me. AH!! Threw me to tears. I love him so much! He is a convert of 10 years, I think.

Any other ideas before I leave? It's not hitting me at all, mom. Is dad there?

Haha, mom I have really no idea if I can email you again before I leave. I will ask president and let you know if I can but I will be fine. I plan on doing all my crying on the plane by myself to WA, hahaha. Your missionary is good, dad, not ready to give up the name tag but being SUPER blessed that I don't know what to do with myself.

Mom and Dad... It's about that time. I need to go. I CAN'T WAIT to see you and I'm so excited and thankful for your support and love and everything. Thank you for allowing me to serve a mission and experience things that money can't buy. I'm eternally grateful. I'm coming home to help now just wait! I love you both so much!!

Kita kits or See you soon (=

All My Love,
Sister Ralph

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