Monday, May 12, 2014

11 May 2014 -- Mother's Day

So I was transferred. I left the awesome zone of Borongan and am now in Sogod. We are my companion are still companions and are sooo happy about that! We went from Waray H to Cebuano J and its been an adventure. Its beautiful here, we are excited for whatever adventures come our way. 
This picture is Elder Burton, Elder Murdock and Elder Stead in the room that we had already taken out most of the junk, but we found..... THE RAT!
The second picture is when the rat came out of the room and hid in this little closest- please take note to the stance of Elder Burton- BAHAHAHAH!!!
This is Sister Maricel and her cute kids. We were only able to teach her a few times but I wish you all could have seen the way she read the Book of Mormon Introduction and testimonies for the first time. She read with her whole soul and when she didn't understand, she went back, she questioned, she asked and she learned. Ah! I love her so much, I learned so much from her and I know her time will come. 
This is the Calos family. It was rough saying goodbye. They are an INCREDIBLE family. Every time we taught them there was just this incredible peace that I have not consistently felt anywhere else. Leny has a baptismal date for May 24th and her Mom is now coming to church with her and Sister Bernadeth! How I  and will miss them! love 

This is the Ducena family. These people make me soooo happy! I feel so loved when I am with them. They gave me an opportunity to really see how the Gospel can change people and how it really should be central to our lives. They were so willing to do anything and everything to follow our Savior. I love and miss them sooo much! sorry for the bad picture but we all were teary messes.    
Sorry I can't attach any more pictures because the computer is being slow.
     But I LOVE MY FAMILY! You ALL are the most incredible beautiful people in the world. I love the way we are. I love that we are together forever! Just like what President Eyring said-- that is where my TRUE happiness comes from.
     I want to wish all the Mothers in My Life a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Thank you for the examples you are to me! I hope you all know how loved and appreciated you are.

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