Monday, July 22, 2013

21 July 2013

Ok well here is this week's update.
   Not too much has happened other than transfers, haha. So Tuesday we just had normal district meeting and then taught a few LA's (less-Active) and investigators in the area. Wednesday we had to wait till 3 PM to find out Sister Sevilla is being transferred. So we threw together a quick goodbye party that night with the ward and then she packed and left early in the morning. It was crazy trying to get everything ready. I had two sisters- ward missionaries in the ward stay the whole day with me. But Sister Sevilla accidentally took the phone with her so we had to chase after her and we pretty much ran around like chickens with our heads cut off the whole day. That night I went to Catarman and stayed with the sister training leaders till my new companion showed up. I got to spend some time in the city and see that area. It's super different- less trees and more people. My new trainer is Sister Cruz. She is the exact opposite of Sister Sevilla. It's kind of crazy- I'm getting personality whip lash here, haha. then we had to stay there another night because her luggage did not come. Then we got to our apartment and killed lots of spiders and it actually was really funny... I just laughed and laughed as I chased this giant spider around our house. I stopped counting the number of cockroaches I have killed, hahah.
   Oh man. She is big into organization so we are taking our house apart after this and cleaning. Which is good cause our apt has schisomosis--- whatever that worm is called that goes into your blood and you can never cure it.... Awesome yea? haha. So far we have visited with a few LA's and investigators and we are working on adjusting. She is very motherly and I am excited to learn so much from her! I am sorry I don't have much to report at all this week. We did very few teachings. We're still working on helping our investigators keep commitments. I am constantly "wrestling with the spirit" trying to calm my desire to be better fast and yet still work hard and have faith. Faith faith faith... need I say more? I am so grateful to be here and have these experiences, and struggle and learn, and learn to rely on the spirit. I love the scriptures and am so grateful for the strength they give me every day! I love you all and hope to hear how you all are doing!!
   Be Safe Please!! All my Love!!
Sister Sarah Ralph

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