Sunday, June 23, 2013

23 June 2013

    Ok... so I feel bad I really don't have a whole ton to say as I am sure you noticed I have been struggling a lot with just being the missionary I want to be. I realized that I have done a lot of missionary things but I am not really a Christ-like missionary. I like to serve people through acts of service and I like to talk to people that want to talk to me but ... man... I just realize how much I do not know my Savior.
   So there was a snake next to my bed the other night and so finally President Andaya stepped in and we switched apt.'s with the elders. So we switched a moldy rat invested, no running water etc for a pretty nice place that just has basketball size spiders and people say is haunted, hahahha, woot woot. Super excited!

This is our main source of transportation on top of tricycle...
on bikes rather than motorcycles... rough job!
   We did not do a lot of teaching this week because P-day then district meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday we drove yet again to Tacloban (7 hours) for all sisters meeting on Thursday morning and then drove back on Thursday night. It was really nice for me to see my batch again and see that everyone is struggling. When I talk to older missionaries literally everyone hated their first area and they said that it gets better and hold on and that is comforting to know that everyone is struggling.
    I really do love my companion...I want to get to know her and talk to her and laugh and smile and be happy. This is what she said... because at first when we were together I was quiet and not joking and not happy and so she "has adjusted to my personality" and this is just how she is now. ..... well I realized also that I am really bad at loving the moment I am in. I am always looking ahead for something that will be better and so constantly I am writing things I am thankful for and pointing out things I love and am grateful for ... I have made progress but still have a long way to go. I love Communication... I want to know what I can improve on and I promise I will work on it... but when I don't know what to change to make our companionship better... I struggle. But I am very grateful she can be a happy person, I am grateful she is here and teaching me so much, I am grateful she loves the Lord and is a pretty good teacher.
   I have much to be grateful for.. By the way... both Mom and Dad wear your seatbelts... stay together, BE SAFE! I swear every missionary out here has had a parent die and I am NOT ok with that at all!
My companion has been out for 9 months. I am her second trainee. Her last one was a lot like her though super bubbly and peppy and joking ALL The time... and that just isn't me.... I am learning about charity and accepting people for who they are... not good at it... just trying and I just don't feel the need to be joking and peppy. I smile and can laugh (when I understand) for sure. I love to laugh! I promise!
    The ward I have is the best. They are sooo kind to me and so helpful and loving. They are patient and just so giving! I love them... they have been a huge, huge blessing to me.
    We have two investigators right now- both agreed to be baptized and even though I don't like teaching right now because I don't understand much... the ward members are supportive and make me feel like I am doing better. I love, love, love, love teaching about Joseph Smith and prophets. It's the most incredible thing! Our investigators had never heard of prophets and when we teach them... I just get soo excited and happy for them and just want to jump and cheer and grab their hands and ahhH! I just love it soo much!! I want soo badly to be more converted to the gospel- to Jesus Christ. But I am also learning patience. Between focusing on patience and charity... I have enough things to overcome to last a life time... but I hope to improve soo much! Thank you everyone for putting up with me these last 22 years.
Basketball on P-day
    No scary stories to talk about. I don't know what else to say haha we played b-ball this morning and I am sooo out of shape but it was fun. I forgot how Philippinos work- they said "be there at 6" and so we did and everyone showed up at 7:30... yea... my companion did not want to play so sitting and waiting was super awkward, hahahha, but I was so grateful to play basketball and just let out my normal aggressive side, hahaha.
  I love you all so much!!!!! sorry this is not exciting hahah but I am so grateful for all of you!!

Sister Sarah Ralph

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